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Hackers claim T-Mobile scalp


Hate the advert dont care

That T-mobile advert with every idiot singing annoys the hell out of me so I hope T-mobile is crushed just for that alone.

Harsh? Dont care I hate adverts and death to all that make them.

ISPs frosty on Jacqui's comms surveillance plan


NAZI Government can keep its grubby paws off my data...

Yes that's right, NAZI government can keep its paws off my personal data & communications. ISP's will get my full support if they all stick together and say no.. What can the government do, arrest them all.

Level 3 wilts in London sunshine (again)



The underground is very good at insulation.... Insulation applys to hot or cold. Do you understand now why underground is nothing but a gimmick.



Chiller redundancy FAIL - They should be ashamed! The temp is too high to start with, who wants to install or replace equipment in a room of 30 deg C. Obviously they are not spending money on basic proper data-centre infrastructure like chillers!

Amazon juices Kindle iPhone app


ebook readers are dead before they start

What with full screen phones like the iphone, nokia 5800 etc, HTC toutch etc etc who would want ANOTHER device to charge and update and carry around when your typical phone can have 32gig, and store sheds of books let alone download as its read. The kindle is pointless, utterly pointless. What we need are phones with better screens and nice free reader apps.

Tram driver crashes while texting


Automation, not that good really..

To Collision avoidance? & Running a red light & These things don't have TPWS? - Because a human DOING HIS JOB is more effective and cheaper (think about your ticket costs) then an automated system that if fails, fails no better. Plus it gives 'someone' a job, obviously they are paying him too much to have a phone capable of texting. Your actually better off with two people and no automation.

13 Seconds of texting! FFS 13 Seconds. Was he trying to use predictive text? Could he have not asked a passenger?

Can you talk and drive?


Balance and personal responsibility

Lets have some balance here. Looking down at your phone constantly to text is distracting obviously, holding a phone to your head does distract and only gives you one hand to do the turning and gears, indicators etc, so both these things are unacceptable. However I don't see a problem with short well controlled hands free conversations using a proper well fitted car kit. Some of these nanny state promoters and the blind over zealous DOT need to step back from labelling everyone not glued to the wheel with both hands a child murderer. Just as a driver I am seen as some kind of evil person already.

Apple double takes on shaken babies


People are sensitive these days,

Seriously what is it with everyone being all offended at everything these day and idiot morality police pulling anything that might or does offend someone...

T-Mobile lays ground for embedded SIMs

IT Angle


I enjoy much flexibility being able to take my work sim and pop it into any phone (unlocked) that takes my fancy off ebay, selling it on a few months down the line when I am bored. Or even having a work phone (a huge blackberry) then a personal phone (tiny wee thing) swapping the SIMs as I see fit. Embedded SIMs is nothing but the operators start of locking down mobiles so the 'customer' cant switch. The SIM isnt really that hard to design around its not much bigger then the microSD memory cards is it!

Bluetooth 3.0+HS arrives without the HS

Thumb Up

Bucktooth - Its been a success.

Misspelling for comedy effect.... Anyway I would say bluetooth has been a successful and useful technology it connects my phone to my car automaticly to my laptop to sync , adhoc transfers with my friends. I really wish it was used more for example... Memory card readers, cameras, syncing tomtom, I think mouses and keyboards use it, external drives... yes maybe its a bit slow for that but it all seams frustratingly slow. I have a new work laptop (so not my choice) NO Bluetooth? why does such an option even exist its got a/b/g wifi? So we really still have plenty of uses for bluetooth as I sodding hate carrying cables for everything else still! Oh yeah more bluetooth printers please!

Acer sued for shipping Vista-book with GB of memory



Why do these places insist of branding laptops and installing extra rubbish software? Thats the problem. Just the OS please!

Google brewing 'offline' web office apps

IT Angle

cross platform

The biggest point for me was the cross platform compatibilities. Its about time we started having some standards (I mean in that several ways) in the software industry.

As an end user (ok a technical one) should I really be interested in having to know whch out of the 100s of software versions I need for my exact version of phone and software version. With Symbian you need to know if its s40 s60 s80 then what edition it is and sometimes what FP it is... For me its easy for most people its not.

I hate IT departments.

Nokia E75



The e71 is MUCH better then the e75 in my view, the battery life is most excellent. None of this sliding rubbish to type out something, the e71s keyboard is present and ready and usable. What I do wish is they would combine features and not have this hard line between business and personal. I do both, I'm not buying two phones. I would like to use iplayer in e71 *it doesn't work reliably even with the hacks, trust me I'v tried.

Google Voice forbids itself


T&C Pointless

T&C's are pointless as they can be changed at any time by the more powerful side without warning or acceptance. What is the point!

Until T&C are mutually accepted with a contract term of at least 1 year they are as nothing.

YouTube gets new mobile client

Thumb Up

Not bad

I actually like it, its clean, simple, full screen, minimum clicks to get working. Works brilliantly on my Nokia e71.


Missing a bookmark thing

A good clean, simple app, very few clicks to get something, all it lacks is say a bookmark of searches or favourite videos, or an option of downloading a video for playback off-line.

Nokia sweetens juice-monitor app


Almost Handy

I like the WiFi power meter. What I really want is a WiFi survey tool for my nokia e71, showing, signal, SNR, etc in real time.

No military mobile bill-waiver from O2 and Virgin



You need some perks to be sent away to be shot at. Soldiers get paid about the same as call centre staff.

Palm Pré WebOS: the UI in action


Very good

a better iphone then the iphone and a proper qwerty to boot! People still like keyboards.

Virgin Media calls foul on web speed testers


ADSL Bandwidth Testing sites.

I am a network engineer and Virgin are right with pointing out the flaws in these ADSL bandwidth testing sites. They are geared up for a few MB and async traffic at that. On numerous times I have tested an E3 Sync link to one of these ADSL sites only to get an upload of a few mb/s. The only way of testing a link is point to point with two devices capable of link saturation using something as simple as Iperf ( http://www.noc.ucf.edu/Tools/Iperf/ ) a windows version can be found by searching. remember windows doesn't have the throughput of Linux (fact!) or any dedicated device like an Acterna 2800... Caps are a different thing and people need to learn the difference between bits and BYTES. A transfer rate of 11mBYTES/second would indicate a 100mbit/s link end to end.

'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity


Access Control

Being an engineer for an ISP I take access control in my stride, requiring multiple IDs, pre-authentication, the right badge etc etc etc..... THEN! Then let some idiot & Son in to pull cables.... Most datacenters are extremely tidy which is a total contrast to some customer end comms rooms with cables laying everywhere. I really wish some IT Managers would pull there finger out and sort out the mess I encounter everyday, no wonder things get accidentally pulled out. If it happens to you the 1st thing to do is tell someone and show them exactly what you did.

Berners-Lee backs web truthiness labelling scheme


Who's truth!

Maybe if 'respected' websites like the BBC etc posted the truth consistently we could say only visit these websites for the truth but truth is often twisted for someones own purpose. The only answer is to check many websites, if they all say about the same thing its the truth or someone very powerful has more control then we think.

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