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Dell: vertical lines, what vertical lines?

Greg Baker

Apple PB 17s have this Problem

I can't believe Dell is getting heat for a problem like this:

Apple Powerbook 17s - one batch of them, all with serial numbers beginning with w85, have had the exact same issue - pixel-wide lines appearing about 1-2 months after the warranty is up, laptop being rendered unusable shortly after - for months now.

Apple has deleted every thread that's started about it on their 'discussions' site and each time any user reports this to them, customer care pretends to start an 'investigation', then claims they find no evidence that it's not an isolated problem. Bring up the many threads posted on their own discussion site or the websites and Youtube postings about it and they'll tell you it's against their policy to look at the web. Hence every case they see is 'isolated'.

That may sound like some kind of joke, but it happened to me personally (I have the name and e-mail of the CS rep I dealt with) as well as many others I know about.

Several owners have written the press about this but it hasn't come to wide attention. Why doesn't El REg break this story? I know that several affected users are in Britain.

Here's a site that was started in response to Apple's censoring of the posts on it's 'support' website:


This is not an imaginary problem, and I have a $3,000 piece of junk on my closet floor to prove it.

Dell has admitted that the problem exists and is at least talking about fixing it? They're way ahead of Apple.




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