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Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM

Corin Preston

Nice to see a bit of sanity being reported

and is the first thing I have read on Spore that does not seem to be the rantings of the severely mentally ill.

No one on the Amazon boards, or elsewhere for that matter, is getting that the 'reviews' they are submitting on the evils of DRM are being deleted as they aren't reviews, as this article has at last said. They are of no use to anyone past 'this has only 3 installations' and most have 'I do not own this game or ever plan to do so' in them. A car review where the car wasn't test driven and only ever seen in a picture, well I'd take it as Gospel.

The DRM is crap and I hope it dies, but for an activist that is trying to change the world and people's lives in any small way he can every day, these people are hysterical foamers that add nothing to any debate they get involved in, if anything just showing what irrelevant extremists they are who quite simply hate corporations and authority.

They make me angry that they cannot channel their hatred and anger towards more noble causes such as poverty, famine and environmental degradation, although I suppose I should be thankful they stick to irrelevant gaming issues where they can't cause any major damage to a cause.



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