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Iowa: How the vote was won

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Give Me a Break!!!

The democrats are notorious for stuffing the voter rolls with dead people, homeless and anyone who is willing to lie to vote twice. My mother in law is a typical Democrat. In Arizona it was common for the Women's League of Voters( a democratic organization) to spill coffee, loose or otherwise marr votes from Republican districts - oops, I spilled my coffee, I will have to throw these out - was common. The 'Evil Republicans' believe in one vote per person and tend to be annoyed at these tactics. The obvious vilification of republicans by this author is reprehensible!

Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager

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Nice if it worked....

I too upgraded to 8.10 and the new ATH9K driver. Unfortunately it just doesn't work out of the box. I find myself scouring the net to find how to enable Antheros driver and I find lots of people trying different solutions - none of which work. My time is worth $125 and hour and at this time Vista is looking pretty good. Perhaps the Unbuntu team should try actually testing their releases before tossing them over the fence!

The amazing, endless, bioterror pork conveyor


Actually No

The US is not the first to use CBW. In the Iran / Iraq war Sadam used nerve agents against both the Kurds and Iranians with devastating effects. The Russians used CBW on the Afgans in the 80's including one nicknamed 'flash' that killed so quickly the fighters died while still sighting down the barrels of their rifles. In the the Americas the French gave out infected blankets to native Americans destroying whole tribes and in the middle ages and before anthrax was deliverdd by launching dead animals over fortress walls to infect the populations.

'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'


Evolution is and Always be a Farce

Science demands proof to theories. Evolution has never shown a single transition species, violates the laws of thermodynamics and can be easily disproven statistically. So far, aside from annoying those who believe in creationism and justifying atrocities evolution has very little value, scientific or otherwise. In short, evolution is about as provable as a fairly tale and those who cling to it are simply embracing an unsubstantiated faith.

A Physicist

Obama: McCain can't email, remembers Rubik's Cubes


Obama Can't Google...

Fine job of ignorance folks! McCain can't use a keyboard or comb his hair due to injuries sustained when tortured by the North Vietnamese. As for how important it is to send an e-mail by a president Clinton sent only two during his eight years in office. Obama is a poor excuse for a candidate. Less than 150 days of experience in the Senate and he is already the number three recipient of donations from the failing Fannie Mae. His personal attacks and his inexplicable desire to run against Palin only shows how stupid he is.

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