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Ever yearn for the Windows 95 shutdown sound? TADA! There's an Electron app for that

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Always changed the sound to ...

The shutdown sound was almost always changed to Daffy Duck saying "No, No, No. Not the wed wone. Don't ever press the wed wone." On occasion it was changed to Porky Pig "That, that, that's all folks."

I'm sure I have proper id. It must be in my coat.

Western Dig revenues take $0.82bn spanking from US tax shake-up

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Re: Why are they western?

The reason companies register in the US is because that is where the investers put their money. If a company wants to build a new plant and needs money the US with all of those Wall Street brokers can find you the money. It may be shares, bonds or other types such as a separate company which builds buildings to lease to you, separate companies which will lease machinery. Thus the only money up front which you need is for the new specialized equipment allowing an expansion to be riskier buy initially cheaper. Money comes from all over the world to the US to be invested so if you want investment money go to where it is which is the US.

Developers, developers, developers: How 'serverless' crowd dropped ops like it's hot

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Thank you Mr. Pott for the informative article.

Your article explained Lambda in a way that was understandable to me. Someone in a companies management will end up saying "We can't budget for AWS / Lambda because things just get triggered and we don't know why. Just pay the $#$$%! bills."

Merry Christmas and hope for no "emergency" calls from users.

Past, present and future: A year in hyperconvergence

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Big Brother

Supported by == Spam ad by

Please support truth in advertising by clearly stating the article was paid for by HPE.

Major Oracle E-business suite upgrade coming in 2019. Or maybe 2020

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Headline should be Oracle admits "expensive licences have no new functionality for on prem"

Godwin could not say what was in the future releases because he does not know what will be in them. So the headline is completely wrong. The correct headline could be "Major Fear Uncertainty and Doubt for 2019 or 2020 or when the world comes to an end." or "Customers burn money for licenses while Larry fiddles with point releases." or "No News, Read Ads, Keep Moving On."

Welcome to the Rise of the Machine-to-Machine. Isn't it time to 'block off' some data ducts?

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Black Helicopters

Web 4 all, web sees all.

The main new change is that most people have a smart phone so they are very frequently using the internet. The previous Web versions were about removing walls between people and companies but now the people are feeling too exposed so they want to build walls. For example software can be purchased at an online Microsoft store or an online Apple store but the store takes a significant percentage of the gross before passing on the rest to someone else. They have replaced the physical mall walls with an electronic mall walls. Apple has done very well at its walled garden.

Has the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon been reduced by a couple of degrees because of the connections online? If so, are people trying to regain their privacy by building barriers in the next version of the web.

As a side note I would suggest that the Web 4.0 is the quickly updating applications which automatically download new versions. I no longer seem to have full control or understand of what is happening on my computer or phone.

Tesla's driverless car software chief steps down

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Driverless software now has Driverless Management

Seems like a perfect fit. If there is no need for a car driver in the car because the software does all the work then there is no need for an organization driver, management, to create all of the obtuse emails and weird vision statements.

Lenovo's 2017 X1 Carbon is a mixed bag

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Re: Heavy Sleeper

To Hibernate a pc likely requires that a copy of all memory needs to be written to the SSD. So very suddenly, on my machine 8 gb, a lot reads and multiple writes need to happen on the SSD because of the very nature of how a SSD works. Then in a very short period of time the power will be shut off. A couple of years ago on my machine the retail store replaced the SSD twice because of failure. Both failures happened when I told Windows to hibernate. The clerk suggested that the hibernation was the issue and suggested not to do that in the future. I have not done hibernation and the problem has not happened again but that does not prove that hibernation was the problem and newer SSDs may not have the same problem. Oh and by the way, if a SSD fails the whole SSD is unreadable so you need to ensure you have a good working backup and restore procedure.

Ditching your call centre for an app? Be careful not to get SAP-slapped

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Oracle wanted to charge for a million users or more

A decade ago Oracle told my employer that a web facing application would have to pay for every potential user. Since everyone in the city with a population of a million could use the application then everyone would need a license. The salesperson was hoping the commission would be enough to retire. We changed things and fudged things enough to hope we were not violating the licenses far enough to be sued.

Dear sysadmin: This is how you stay relevant

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IBM Canada to get additional $6 million to do system work outside office hours


" For instance, the government will pay to ensure that system maintenance takes place during evenings, overnights and weekends to improve capacity during the day" Gosh, was there someone actually signing contracts which allowed disruptive system maintenance to occur during the day?

Microsoft drops dogma, open-sources Chakra JavaScript engine

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What is "Lowerer" in the green box in the purple box?

Parser and Interpreter are words that I understand but what is a Lowerer in the context of JIT? I've done some searches but cannot find anything that is related.

This storage startup dedupes what to do what? How?

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Does anyone have stats on how often hash collisions occur in zfs or netapp?

If zfs and netapp have options to compare the whole block when a hash collision occurs is there any reporting on how often the collisions occur? A faster hash routine might have some collisions but if those collisions are handled properly then an overall speed up may happen.

Dell buying EMC: Is this the end times, or the road to salvation?

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Will Dell put the large dollars into R&D?

Dell may be able to reduce costs by replacing specialized sales people with online orders. But if the money is not put toward products that work well together then the whole company will fail. I would hate to see Dell become another Computer Associates which bought companies and then soaked the customers for maintenance but provided no improved products.

If Dell can make the commodity hardware work smoothly together in an enterprise cloud then Dell will be bigger and better than HP, and Amazon. VM is an engine that could drive many changes if given directions and money.

I cannae dae it, cap'n! Why I had to quit the madness of frontline IT

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Your health is more important than the company.

You are completely correct Trevor. My recommendation is to try to save as much of your own money so that you can retire as soon as possible. The companies are only going to cut IT spending even more. The stress can or will take a toll on you physically and / or mentally. Eating junk food or sugar to keep going and alcohol to wind down in moderation is fine but the stress can push the body too far. Watch out for depression and see a medical doctor if needed. The people here and many others do care about you.

I almost got fired because I kept on complaining that the expensive off site recovery process didn't work. It took three long years before things were corrected. Every lightening storm still makes me jumpy.

How good a techie are you? Objective about yourself and your skills?

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Let me tell you about CIPS then sign it because it is meaningless.

CIPS wants to portray itself as Medical Doctors, Engineers and Chartered Accountants but they are not. As a CIPS member for more than a decade let me tell you that CIPS is an organization for consultants to meet for drinks. Salespeople and managers are CIPS members. There are very few people who do anything more than sit in meetings, talk and send emails. CIPS talks big but that is because the regular jobs of the members is to talk big. If signing the form means that you can get another consulting job then sign the form because that is the purpose of CIPS which is to show that the members are better than the people behind the counter at Best Buy. There will be many CIPS members that have been in similar situations where the formal education does not match up with the check boxes on the cross border forms. It might be worthwhile to hire someone to get the specifics about the requirements for cross border working.

My understanding is the standards for other "professional" jobs such as hair cutting and fixing car brakes have more requirements because they are considered to have a direct consequence on the health of the public than the IT jobs. That is the context of the professionalism. It is wonderful that you take your professionalism seriously and I encourage you on that because it distinguishes you from all the others who don't give a damn.

Your knowledge, experience, and that you care about the quality of the product given to the customer says much more about you than a formal degree from a self serving group such as CIPS or a self serving institution such as a university. I also hate calculus and have never used it outside of a calculus course so I feel it does not need to be taught to 99% of the people who are required to learn it. A practical course on statistics would have been much much more worthwhile.

If you cannot decide what to do, do what I did: buy a sports car. You can see the Miata being driven around in the snow even in the middle of winter.

Sysadmin with EBOLA? Gartner's issued advice to debug your biz

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Re: I love Gartner. In Canada we had the SARS epidemic

Management asked our software group to consider what should be done if SARS started to spread through the town. Our group was able to define what could be done by working from home. We felt the biggest problem would be getting management to declare an internal emergency to focus on production support and stop all development. We hoped, assumed, that contract developers would be still willing to work from their homes on production support if they were still being paid.

SDI Wars: EMC must FORGET ARRAYS, adapt or disappear

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Is this a hardware+software company having trouble moving to software only company?

As the price of commodity hardware drops the buyers have a harder time to justify the higher price of custom hardware. Is EMC having trouble moving from a hardware + software company to mainly software company? Other companies have had big internal political problems when the people who controlled the hardware side of the company were losing political power to the software side. Is the price of commodity SSDs going to drop so low that traditional spinning rust manufacturers go out of business? In some sense the part of the disk controller software has moved to the ssd controller and is included in the commodity price.

Oracle does not innovate or create new products that customers want. EMC does try to be better. I could see EMC / VM trying to create a software defined "lights out" infrastructure but it will take much internal pushing aside the hardware team. In contrast Oracle would do a lot marketing with a rebranded snake oil Java vm and only achieve huff and puff.

Facebook, Apple: LADIES! Why not FREEZE your EGGS? It's on the company!

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Men will be paid less than women

Since men cannot receive this benefit this is discrimination against men. The employer must pay equal money for equal work. Women who choose while young not to have children will also not benefit and thus will receive fewer benefits.

It's a pain in the ASCII, so what can be done to make patching easier?

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For home use the free Secunia scanner updater to check and update lots of aps

The Secunia scanner updater will check for many apps and provide the updates. Free for home use. It is not quick but it does work and updates lots of open source packages.


What I'm not sure of is how much info they collect on the application usage and then sell it to the world.

Twitter can trigger psychosis in users

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Author says 'Twitter psychosis is not real.'

An interesting review by someone who studies neurology:


Dumping gear in the public cloud: It's about ease of use, stupid

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Thumb Up

Thank you Trevor for the thoughts.

Thank you. It is items like this that keep me reading your writings. I would also suggest that the some decision makers do not see the near by people as useful so a "shortcut around bureaucracy" is seen as being efficient.

We sent a probe SIX BILLION km to measure temperature of a COMET doing 135,000 km/h

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Forcast for the next 10 days: cold

-70 C and that is not considering the wind chill. The wind is at least 135,000 km/h but it is likely a dry cold.

Speedy storage server sales stumps sysadmin scribe: Who buys this?

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Or perhaps ...

1) The user's requirements of the servers is very skewed with very important transactions on one server and non-important stuff on all others. Thus the people budget do not share the money for overall benefit but choose products which have direct benefit to their specific server.

2) The very important transactions are very time sensitive and there cannot be delays that might happen if other servers were doing heavy i/o such as being completely refreshed. If a server is being used for real time trading of stocks then the user might have a fear of unknown caused delays which rumor might be virtualization.

3) The CSA is relatively newish so there is heavy advertising to tell potential buyers about the product. I wonder if the purpose is actually to postpone upgrading the server. If the cost of a new server is very significant and requires much management justification, planning, reporting, budgeting then the CSA might increase transaction throughput enough to postpone the managers paperwork.

Where the HELL is my ROBOT BUTLER?

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Re: GM is recalling millions of cars because of faulty 50 cent ignition switch.

My apologies for not being clearer. Will you trust a robotic butler holding a carving knife to understand how to carve a roast without carving you? If voice commands rely on cell tower connections to a another site for processing what will happen when the connection is suddenly dropped like many current cell phone connections? The quality of products should slowly go up but it will not happen quickly the way Trevor is suggesting. I am not someone who bought a GM car but someone who bought a Ford Pinto with Firestone 500 tires many decades ago. While Ford's quality has gone up GM's seems to have gone down. As someone who has fought Oracle to try to get them to increase the quality of their software I found that "quality" was often only skin deep and not to be relied on.

Do Not Fold Spindle Mutilate

GM is recalling millions of cars because of faulty 50 cent ignition switch.

Trevor is arguing that thin client will prevail but I am not so sure that it will happen quickly. If all things work correctly it may happen soon but if things are buggy and connections, files, phone calls, transactions are dropped, lost or unreliable then the fat client will continue. In general, with proper competition, software quality is getting better.

The robot butler should not be made by GM which is currently recalling millions of cars due to a faulty ignition switch. It will be an interesting era when self driving cars (tired and drunk), trains (oil cars exploded killing many), and airplane (Malaysian airlines), start to be allowed or become required because of presumed better safety.

Who will recover your data if disaster strikes?

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An easy to use backup to a different geographic area would be good.

Many backups are either on site or to a near by site. But serious weather problems and electrical blackouts can happen over a larger area so an easy cloud backup to a different geographic area would be good.

Disaster recovery? What do you do if you have outsourced your call center to the Philippines and a hurricane hits? What is the average wait time?

How many apps does it take to back up your data?

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I do not believe that a single backup application is the best because it does not not know the specific gritty application details however a general purpose backup application is great for all of those miscellaneous applications. Use an OS specific backup app to backup the OS because there seems to be hidden files and files with extra "this file cannot be read". Database have to have their own backup software to ensure transactionally correct backups.

Oh yea, also make a separate small "in case of emergency" backup which can be used to create a minimal system to start the recovery process.

A multiapp method is way more work but the single applications do not seem to have the documentation that I would like see and understand that the application provider has thoroughly tested the app. For example try to get a list of files which the backup application does not backup.

It's now or never for old sysadmins to learn new tricks

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Big Brother

Very true and applies to database administrators as well.

The ideas are very true and apply to database administrators. I chose to retire because the cuts were happening without the proper software to automate the monitoring and updates. Also Oracle was directly telling upper management that their software would do all the work of a dba. May I suggest a slight difference in attitude between us. The article seems to imply that the cause is the financial cuts from the customers but there should also be the technical person automating there own job out of existence. If similar work has been done multiple times then automate as much as possible and move on to larger problems. But what are those larger problems? Perhaps much better failover / backup / recovery or quicker security patching, or better testing / auditing to insure high quality software infrastructure?

A real problem is the market place seems to change quicker with Apple and Microsoft causing massive changes in the OS and interface in a relatively short period of time, it becomes difficult to set out a new path of what software product to learn.

There will always be a need for someone to install the NSA secret monitoring software.

Microsoft's cloud leaves manual transmission behind

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Your cattle can be any colour as long as it is black.

Will the customers be willing to pay for your pet customizations if the cost of a cattle server is cheaper? Decades ago the same thing was being said by clerks filling out dozens of financial forms. All of those jobs are gone because most companies buy financial software packages. Now they are automating the jobs of the people who are left. Outside the world of computing when there is a significant price difference between a cheaper mass market product and a higher priced customized item lots of people buy the cheaper / cheapest. There is some market for tailors, independent mechanics and personal chefs but McDonalds servers billions of burgers. Would you like fries with your cattle server?

Bye. Turn the lights out when you are gone. I retired from being a dba because the companies treating me like a pet, a person, changed to treating me like cattle, an expense or a steer.

NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech - and you should too

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Big Brother

Canadian surveillance approved (today's headline Globe & Mail newspaper)


I agree with much of what you say Trevor but this is the front page headline on today's Globe and Mail:

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/data-collection-program-got-green-light-from-mackay-in-2011/article12444909/ I am not surprised. The article does not have much detail but seems to say it has the telephone meta data. The article says "In Canada, a regime of ministerial directives - decrees not scrutinized by Parliament - have authorized the broad surveillance programs."

Why Oracle must kiss goodbye to its database past

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Big Brother

Oracle is just another CA. It buys software. It does not build software.

Oracle does not want to publish database revenue because the revenue would show there are few new customers. There is little that is new in relational databases so there are few new customers. Steve Jobs created lots of new interesting products. Larry Ellison does not want to look like an owner of old product. He wants an image of growth but Oracle does not create new products. It only buys new products. Oracle is just another CA.

Here lies /^v.+b$/i

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from future import disease.cure

Oracle: 'Eight Android files are decompiled Oracle code'

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Source is GPL 2


Just because the code is the same does not mean Google is using copyrighted Oracle code. The "" seems to from a standard called X.500 PKI. I Googled "private static final String ANY_POLICY = ;" and found two exact source codes under GPL 2 released by Sun. To me this means that Google could have used the GPL version not Oracle's version.



The code looks like stuff GPLd by Sun many years ago.

Canada? The computer vendor says no

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Big Brother

New machine recalled before arriving


Ordered a desktop with the new Intel 2600K processor but the Sandy Bridge controller on the motherboard got recalled before the computer arrived. So even when things are available in Canada you don't actually them. Glad I ordered through a brick and mortar because the hassle of returns would have bugged me to no end.

Pirates: Good for Microsoft, great for open sourcers

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Are Oracle and SAP going to disappear?


The fundamental difference between software and other products is the incremental cost of another copy is zero. Open source models of distribution are a great way to attack the high maintenance cost with few improvements from CA. But accountants and auditors do not want financial software from Joe's Garage so the Oracle and SAP will grow. Just like mainframes have not disappeared, large expensive software suites have users which want and need consistency over many years so they are willing to pay heavily for it. The sales people have much better access to upper management than the regular employee causing management to reach for the cheque book in the coat.

Who will rid me of these obsolete PCs?

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Western Canada - Electronics Recycling Association


I have not dealt with them but http://www.era.ca/ the Electronics Recycling Association is in many cities in Western Canada and has lists of needed equipment for listed charities http://www.era.ca/index.php?page=charities

I would suggest physically destroying all hard drives to protect confidential data.

Facebook: Why our 'next-gen' comms ditched MySQL

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Big fail for companies selling database software


What is actually being said here is Oracle, IBM and other commercially available software is so overpriced Facebook would rather create its own. Big fail for Oracle. Where are those super sales people taking the executive out to lunch and golf?

Seagate stuffs 3TB drives in NAS box

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Only 60 days?

Does it turn into a pumpkin after 60 days? Does it change to 1 TB after 60 days?

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user

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The parachute ...

The parachute cannot be attached to the fanboi because all fanboi interfaces are proprietary and the parachute uses open standards.

British Gas signs Voda so meters can snitch direct

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Pentabytes of data to be stored for years

I worked for an electrical company which has similar data collection for industrial customers. These generate piles of data which needs to be shoveled around the disks. Would you like an electrical bill with the cost of the power listed in 15 minutes increments? 4 readings per hour * 24 hours * 30 days = 2880 detail lines. All of these details must be kept for years because of audits etc. The quantity of data for each customer has gone up 3000 times but the disk budget likely won't get a penny. Something is going to fail.

Me, me, me: Iomega clones PCs virtually

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Fail: disaster recovery but can't restore!

"The cloned image is a kind of disaster recovery" but Iomega adds the point that "you can’t use v.Clone to restore the operating system, applications, and data files back onto your primary system". Well is there anything that can be restored? Anything at all? The product is a disaster. Fail.

Google gives Voice users ability to not share their messages

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Paris Hilton

Your password has been reset to

Wonder how many of the messages would be "Your password has been reset to ..." which would give all script kiddies an easy ride? Or would the message be "Paris were going out to a night club so give us a call at 555-1234"?

Database billionaire trampled by elephant

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He missed because ...

the elephant was not in his pyjamas. Good old Groucho Marx joke.

Amazon vanishes 1984 from citizen Kindles

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Aussies to the rescue. Doubleplusgood.

The wonderful non-Google project Gutenberg has a copy in Australia:


Of course the legality of having this copy depends on your country's copyright law.

"Ignorance is Strength"

Firefox exploit sends Mozilla into 'high-priority fire drill' mode

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April Fools

The fix is scheduled for April 1! April Fools day is a terrible day to release software because I always assume anything received on that day may be a joke or just plain hazardous.

'Miracle' plane crash was no miracle

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Air Transit was glider over pacific. Air Canada over Gimli

A previous comment about Air Canada was slightly wrong. It was Air Transit which had no fuel over the Pacific and landed at the Azores. Air Canada had a dead stick over Gilmi

Please read the safety manuals at the authoritative wikipedia.



Can life insurance be bought over the phone or internet? Can life insurance be bought in a couple of minutes? Could the passengers bought life insurance while the plane was having problems?

God made me an atheist.

LG confirms 2009 launch for 3G wristphone

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Paris Hilton

Video wrist phone: Nose pics

The person receiving the video call from a wrist video phone will see right up your nostrils. What a great picture. Remember to pick your nose before calling.

Paris gets a Brazilian cut for her nose hairs.

The True Confessions of an Election Official

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@James Butler

Thanks for the well written reply. It makes a lots of sense that the dead people list can be slightly out of date.

Do Not Fold Spindle Mutilate
Dead Vulture

Dead voters get to vote?

Contrary to the article Obama's dead grandmother's advance vote will count. "Kevin Cronin, the Chief Elections Officer, confirmed that Mrs Dunham's absentee ballot, which was received on October 27, would count towards Mr Obama's final tally."


Great article except for this.

Rackspace swallows Slicehost Jungle

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Raid 10 is not mirrored Raid 5

Pardon me, oh great one, but this is your humble dba with a minor technical point. Raid 10 is not mirrored Raid 5. Raid 10 uses more disk space to try to achieve higher throughput. While Raid 5 is like packing all of the relatives into one smaller condominium with one kitchen and bathroom. If there is a lot of I/O the kitchen and bathroom will be too crowded.


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