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HP blames falling pound for PC and server price rises


Distributors add margin... lol... u'r a'vin a laff!

To Anonymous Noel (Coward)..... HP year end is October 31st.

The $:£ ratio is hitting really hard is distieland (that's where I live). HP transact all business in US$ so something has to give, and I'm suprised that it took so long for a hike.

I'm sure that HP will add a little extra 'room for manouvre' into the rises, but also sure that this will be to ensure that no further rises are necessary in the near future.

And guys... distributors, margins, HP PSG & ISS kit..... don't be so daft. Typical margins are 0%, or in many cases -1% or -2% (or worse). No, there are no real rebates on commercial product, so these products are revenue generating only..... if there was margin available I'd earn a damn sight more :-)


Skull & Xbones 'cos December 21st 2012 is getting close. End of time. Done, Finished.



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