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Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

Michael Tansley

Re: Honestly...

Nicely put.

I think your words can be applied to many other places such as Windows versus Mac versus Linux distributions, car brands and just about anything else.

Canada failing to sufficiently protect IP rights – US report

Michael Tansley

Re: Ohboy.

It means that the U.S. doesn't think that Canada sucks up to it enough.

Frankly, I believe that the more my country can do to piss off the U.S., the better for everyone.

Lenovo forced to expand 'flaming' PC recall

Michael Tansley

Re: Geesh,

God help everyone if the regulators actually find out that those saw blades fit into a machine that SPINS them around at a high speed.

Why, someone could get really badly hurt!!

Cameras roll on 'blockbuster' new Who series

Michael Tansley

Any chance that this series might actually have a plot or two involved?

Most of it seems to be a lot of pointless running around and speech that you can hardly understand.

Pentax K200D digital SLR

Michael Tansley
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Very adaptable camera

With a simple adapter, $10-15 on ebay, you can mount virtually any screw-mount lens made in the last 40-50 years to the K200D. You lose the auto-focus and auto-exposure (only really needed for snap shooting, not needed for portraits) but keep the image stabilisation. You can get some fantastic prime, zoom and telephoto lens for very reasonable prices.

I keep a set of NI-MH AAs in my K200 and alway have the Lithium ones in my camera case as an emergency backup. Also, you can ALWAYS find a set of AAs for a real emergency.

'UK's Chernobyl' spam spreads Trojan

Michael Tansley

Interesting SPAM

I got one of these yesterday in which I was informed that a nuclear reactor in a 'suburb of Ontario' exploded. Rather interesting since I live 5km away from a large reactor complex near Toronto. I didn't know that Ontario was a city with suburbs, I always thought it was a province of Canada.

I seem to be alive unless of course the cubicle I'm sitting in is actually in the hot place which means that...... OH NO, infinity in a cubicle!!!


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