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Doctors rally for right to call UK.gov quangonista a 'sh*t'

Dr Rohen Kapur

Women again? Bullying women no less

This isnt new you know

I almost got a conviction due to the perjury and perversion of the course of justice carried out by a female chief executive of a large mental health and social care trust in London.

She got six HR people to lie on their statements to the police but I managed to make sure she would have to turn up and lie under oath at the magistrates court. I had been bullied by the medical director, and she was her line manager...... I would have sung like a canary at court, and guess what I even accused them of perjury on the police tape.

The CPS dropped the charges as not being in the public interest...... Now who says that the government aren't corrupt lying devious fucking shits?

Carol Black You are officially and in the minds of everyone a fucking vindictive little shit



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