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Ten tweaks for a new Acer Aspire One


Linux fan, but...

I've been a casual Linux fan for a decade and thought that SCCs would be the catalyst for Linux. For the 2 weeks that I had my AA1 (Linpus + 6 cell battery) I loved it, until I wanted to make some "simple" changes. I wish I had read this great article earlier. I just wanted FF3 and to stream music/movies from my media server. After much reading, trial & error and numerous uses of the recovery DVD, I realised my time was too valuable and I returned it for the AA1 Windows version. I even tried installing other Linux distributions but most do not support the AA1 wi-fi card or make proper use of SSD storage expansion slot :-(

Linux is great... and SCCs are a great way to learn if you have the time. Usually you pay a $100 premium for Windows, but with the price difference between Windows and Linux on SCCs being so small I had no choice but to ultimately opt for the dark side. At least my "simple" changes are now "simple".

Aside: I strongly recommend paying the extra for the 6-cell version. You get 5+ hours of constant usage.



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