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Acer unveils Android-based 'Liquid' A1

Daryl Quenet

@Anonymous Coward

You must have missed the posting about the Android Marketplace where there are lots of FREE and paid apps. Given the Linux architecture once the Android phones become even more popular there will be a lot of additional existing Linux apps being ported, especially with the same compilers, libraries, and such.


Windows 7 and the Linux lesson

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Pure Drivel & FUD

Anyone that says Windows 7 was finished ages ago definitely hasn't played with multiple builds, the changes between build 7000 - 7068 have quite a few changes in functionality, behavior, and bug fixes. In fact I reported 8 bugs in Build 7000 alone. As for Ubuntu having a release candidate for only 7 days hardly gives any time for testing, but then again Ubuntu / Debian have always pushed down updates pretty much from day one of installing a final versions. Whereas most of Microsoft's updates are only security patches to maintain stability by not introducing different versions of software.

Windows 7 is amazing, and I can understand why people want it fast tracked but it is just not ready yet. It is by far a much better desktop environment then Linux is for the average user, but I will give Linux kudos for being a considerably better server platform (give me a good old text editor for my configuration files!!).


Dual-core Atom to be released by month's end

Daryl Quenet

EMT64 Correction

To correct Tony & Peter

The current Desktop 230 Atoms ARE 64bit, the current Mobile 270 Atoms ARE NOT 64bit. I've run 64bit Debian Linux on my Desktop Atom and it flies! And I felt terribly ripped off when I learned my Netbook was only 32bit after starting with the desktop version :(

Atom 230 Spec Sheet:


Atom 270 Spec Sheet:




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