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GCHQ to pore over blueprints of Chinese built Brit nuke plants



This is utter madness, in so many ways.

1. the original focus/push for Uranium based nuclear power stations was to produce fissile nuclear material for nuclear bombs. - think we have enough of that and a problem getting rid of it!?

2. the Chinese government is investing is a molten salt based nuclear reactor - reason being it produces more energy from the nuclear fuel (Uranium based systems only extract 5-7% of the energy ) is safer 1/10,000th less nuclear waste and you can shut these things down for the weekend!

So which system are we using? The Uranium based system. You couldn't make a worse set of decisions even if you decided everything by the toss of a coin.

If you're not paying, you're product: If you ARE paying, it's no better


own cloud mines pink ...

I purchased a pogoplug long ago, does most things out of the box, installing some additional code gets you almost everything else. I then purchased a fixed IP address via my ISP and I'm home and dry.

Needles to say I'm a techie but the instructions for most things were very well written so should be easy enough for someone used to a command line.

Reg hack uncovers perfect antidote to internet


Building regs!

love it, every EU country has it's own building regs and safety regs and most get ignored :)

NHS fights record £325k ICO fine after clap records appear on eBay


?? in this time of austerity....

but they can afford to pay someone £143,000....


May be his advise was 'just ignore this stuff nobody ever gets fined'!

LOHAN fires up sizzling thruster


temp measurements in reduced pressure

two things from an old instrumentation technician;

1) thermocouple connectors are different colours across the cold bridge- leading to incorrect readings

2) thermocouples need a transfer medium-partial vacuum will lead to incorrect readings

Back in the day we used laser thermometry in low temperature and partial vacuum in the ultra low fridges at Oxford Instruments

Dennis Ritchie: The C man who booted Unix


Teletype 33

They used to make my fingers ache after about an hour typing on them!

Data centers embrace The Great Outdoors


Victorian Air Con.. !

I worked in a Victoria hot house where they had mechanical control heat control which operated vents at floor level and in the ceiling we would set it at about 75 F and we would be fine. Used natural convection air flow so no fans. It had some cast iron heating pipes near the floor vents and these where great for warming your feet in the winter.

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility

Thumb Down

Chrome or rust ... ?

So uses webkit but an earlier version than the current safari and it needs patching.

The JavaScript engine V8 nice but not quite as fast as claimed, see Brenden's comparision with the Mozilla JavaScript engine.

Design it's ok, minimal.

Hope the guys at Opera and Konqueror aren't too pissed off.

Yes it may have given Microsoft a prod, but I really doubt it.

All in all I'd say not bad for a first stab at it, just really would have expected better.

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