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Nokia starts to ship N96

John Rawstron
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Too Late Is Already Dead In The Water

A few months ago I was really looking forward to this getting released but after a series of delays as well as the useless TV Tuner function it has kinda put me off.

I know it has the large screen & whopping storage but when I done comparisons against the 8gb N95, the N95 got a better write up.

Now that Nokia have announced the N85 & N79 which has the new OLED screen & lens cover & increased battery life. I reckon that they shuld just scrap the N96 & push the sale of the N85 / N79.

Now that there are more 8mp phones coming to light like the Samsung I8510 & SE C905, not to mention the newly announced LG KC910 which like the Viewty will record straight to Divx at 640x480 at 30 fps.

O2 have already stated that they won't be stocking the handset, which will no doubt increase the cost for it on other networks.

Nokia really need to pull something special from their hats & I don't honestly think that the N96 would do justice even if offered for free on certain tariffs.


LG launches 8Mp full-of-firsts cameraphone

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The Phone Of The Year Is Nearly Here !!!

After seeing a friends Viewty in action for picture & video quality, I thought I had found my next phone when my contract comes up for renewal.

But then after hearing of this new handset which has a 8mp camera, GPS & is Quadband. I have decided that this is the phone for me.



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