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Tube to get phone coverage by the Olympics

Scott Hatton

Paris Metro

Mobile voice calls have been working on the Paris Metro for years. What do they use? Tunnels definitely aren't as deep (most are cut and shut), but the tunnels aren't huge.

I can't believe the tax payer will foot the bill. Don't the mobile networks look after the network, and we pay them???

Logitech Squeezebox Boom wireless music player

Scott Hatton

NAS - Synology DS207

This box is tempting. Was very dissapointed to see no UPnP support but then spotted that Synology have released an update so I can use it with my DS207:


However, DS207 might not have enough memory to run it... Ho hum.

Doesn't everyone have a NAS box now? Surely you don't all leave your PC's on 24/4?

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

Scott Hatton


I'm waiting for news on the Xbox 360 Jasper chipset, specifically to see if the box ends up quieter. Supposed to out this month so maybe it's tied in with the price cut. What about in the UK/Europe?

Would like the Xbox for viewing media from my NAS in the lounge... but not if it sounds like a hair dryer!

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