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YouTube on your telly


Cheaper than alternatives...

...including PS3.

Is it getting UK release?


The Long Fail: Web 2.0's faith meets the facts


It's a short fail

The numbers may seem to indicate one thing, but judging by how I've seen potential long tail organisations operate, I'd say the heart of the problem is a failure to work out how to market long tail inventory, rather than just a failure of the model.

We're still stuck in the same product and marketing cycles that big companies have been in for years - short lead times and a focus on front page products. Long tail marketing strategies are required and - frankly - I haven't seen them being implemented anywhwere. Let's wait and see how those companies that will rely on long tail sales in the future succeed - the ones that get their marketing right will be the ones that prove the case.



Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

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Seriously - Edit / Delete This Article

I love the Reg, but this is just awful.

You want to have a crack at Google, fair enough - but pick the fights where the facts stack up.

Countless lawyer types and others have already pointed out that this article misinterprets the clause and now it's just a shitstorm of negativity based on a false premise.

I spent a whole day on the original myspace EULA back in the day cos a load of labels couldn't work out whether or not it meant that myspace would end up owning all their stuff. This is no different, just what's required for them to display your content without breaching your copyright / moral rights etc. It's harmless - or, at least, not far off (and will doubtless be reworded to eliminate ambiguity).

This crap's all over the web already - correction required. This is out of order - expect better from The Reg <bows humbly>



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