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Clever, clever Adaptec

Chris Mellor

Green as a (weird) verb

Chambers doesn't list 'green' as a verb but HyperDic does:- http://www.hyperdic.net/dic/green.htm#v3000. Mr Sundaresh's image was Photoshopped into having a green background. The smile is original.


Chris Mellor

Adaptec and Gordon Brown

Adaptec's past reputation is dire, you are very right there. I have a feeling in m'vitals that a tide may be turning though. 1 + 1 may make 3 in this case. Could be wrong of course. We'll see.


3PAR thins storage arrays

Chris Mellor

Minis and Ferraris

M'lud, may I respectfully beg to differ? The 3PAR Mini went faster than the HP XP2400 Ferrari. In the SPC-1 summary the 3PAR box is listed as having 146GB 15K FC drives. So, at face value, one Fibre channel drive array went faster than another Fibre Channel drive array. 3PAR sells against DS6000/DS8000 from IBM, Symmetrix and high-end Clariion from EMC and XP/high-end EVA from HP. It is an enterprise drive array supplier in my view. I've seen an IBM XIV in-house training doc and IBM reckons that 3PAR is the XIV's main competitive focus with the XIV being positioned as a sell into cloud storage/storage as a service customers where the DS8000 has been rejected. This InServ array of 3PAR's is, I'd suggest, a bit more appealing to enterprises than you might give it credit for.

I am, respectfully y'r honour, y'r obedient servant, etc. etc.

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