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Piles of unshiftable HP fondle-slabs choke Best Buy

Aaron Scully

Rubbish Hardware

I did point out in a comment to the blog post announcing the tablet specs that it's hardware (specifically the screen) was letting the tablet down. This has been the case with most WebOS devices - the screen resolution always seems to be lower than the current standard when benchmarked against Android (forget Apple, they literally sell people overpriced and underspecced hardware every day, due to their cult status). Which is a bit rubbish when you want a phone or tablet to read PDF programming books (with the source code formatting retained).

Shame, 'cos it would have been nice to have a strong competitor to Android (Apple - we'll tell you what you can and can't do with your own device - aside).

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know

Aaron Scully

Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Didn't Android 3.0 only support one resolution and (thus) aspect ratio? Could've sworn I read that later versions remedied this, allowing more resolutions (or possibly different aspect ratios). If that's the case, Samsung didn't choose the aspect ratio, Google did. Either way, I'm not quite sure how it's "purposely " a landscape tablet, at least not of Samsung's doing - the Android Honeycomb Market (on the Transformer at least) only works in landscape. Not much Samsung can do about that...

Have briefly owned a Transformer which was really good, but had screen quality issues (both of them). Bought it mainly for reading technical PDF books (in portrait mode). I've had a quick go on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in PC World, but wasn't that impressed with holding it - I actually find the Xoom more comfortable to hold, so will either wait for the Toshiba Thrive (about the same weight and slightly thicker) or (despite how much I dislike Motorola hardware) may hang on for a super high-res Xoom 2, assuming the rumours are true about the screen. Note to designers: thinner is not the same as more comfortable in terms of holding a tablet!

Hero update blocks Marketplace

Aaron Scully

The new firmware seems to improve the keyboard

The new Orange firmware fixes a bug with the keyboard where it used to 'jiggle' when you had the browser in landscape and pressed the search key (which would bring up a Google search - not to be confused with searching with Google through their Web site). There were also other keyboard inconsistencies that now appear to be fixed, such as sometimes after a full stop, the keyboard wouldn't return to being uppercase (though sometimes it would and this led me to buy Better Keyboard).

Since Sprite Backup doesn't seem to properly restore everything on a Hero, I'm going to wait until the next firmware (containing Android 2.1) is out rather than downgrading (as it takes a while setting up all my programs again). Hopefully then I can get RepliGo Reader on my device again!

Really wish the Palm Pre had have come out earlier and on a decent network (ie not O2).

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

Aaron Scully

Palm has a point

I'm with Palm on this one. Other than locking consumers in (anti competitive behaviour), there's no technical reason for Apple doing this. So why should laws, such as copyright laws protect Apple when they carry on like this. They obviously don't have a great belief in their own overpriced iPods.

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

Aaron Scully

Too far, but funny non the less.

I am an Opera user - I even used to pay for it when it cost money because it was that good and so ahead of the competition (still is). And I don't blame Opera as a company for this tactic of trying to get their browser included. However, as much as I think IE is a slow clunky pile of rubbish and that anyone who used Opera for a month wouldn't go back, I laugh at the thought of MS not being able to use IE's own logo on a ballot screen - that's taking things a little too far! Still, as a business you can't blame Opera for trying - after all, MS in the past has a long history of using every underhand tactic in the book to kill off rivals with inferior products, so they can hardly complain.

MPs grill BBC heads over Manuelgate

Aaron Scully

More time wasting

I think any MP wasting their time on this should be hanged for treason. Surely they've got better things to do?

Proof again (as if any was needed) that our political system doesn't give a damn about this country, especially when a good media opportunity / band wagon arises.

As for the BBC, who the hell gave them the right to take a programme I find entertaining off the air (Friday Night with JR) and then give the money to charity? Cheeky sods.

Joost ditches P2P client for the web

Aaron Scully

No Decent Content?

"...the biggest trouble for Joost remains that it doesn't carry any video worth watching."

Really? I just had a quick look and it's got Babylon 5 and Lexx, two shows I love. He-Man and She-Ra, cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Looks pretty good so far...

Commodore launches little laptop

Aaron Scully

Just don't expect any support...

Would never buy another commodore product - their support is non existent (in this country at least). Just like Cowon...

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