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Brit firm to demo serious flying robo-saucer in 2009

Mike Holden

I really hope this is for real...

...because i'm always interseted in new ideas for physics to be put to good use, and I'm prepared, nay keen, to build a model for an experiment. But I've got a couple of concerns about the device, and slightly more concerns about Mr Naudin.

Firstly, this video purporting to show the saucer with video camera capability (http://jlnlabs.online.fr/gfsuav/n01areco.htm) looks suspiciously like it's hanging from a bit of string (you can see in the video that the impellor is hardly rotating at some points).

Secondly, a quick look at the chap's website (http://jnaudin.free.fr/) shows that amongst other projects are an attempt to build a craft with NO moving parts, using (I think) capacitance, plus a cold fusion reactor and "free energy from atomic hydrogen". So either this guy really is at the bleeding edge of sci-fi research, or....



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