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Apple's design 'drives up support costs, makes gadgets harder to use'

Dave Clarke 5

So it's not just me then...

I find most Apple stuff frustratingly unintuitive to use.

UK biz ISP Entanet goes titsup, 'broke' a bit of Blighty's internet

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Incident report is now available on the Enta noc site. Ooops!! is all I can say!

Apple confirms 'surprise' September 12 event

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Re: Yet another iPhone

@JDX - And then Apple will conveniently forget that the S3 had NFC and wireless charging before they did and sue Samsung anyway.

Ofcom boss threatens nuclear option on 4G squabble

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Fixed Wireless Access?

A lower frequency for Fixed Wireless Access Broadband services would be good. Th 5.8GHz slot we are forced to use at the moment is rubbish for penetrating trees/buildings etc making LOS links to end users very tricky sometimes. And yes, in some rural communities it is the only answer.

What will we do with 600MHz?

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Fixed Wiresless Access Gets My Vote

My company distributes broadband in the rural areas using the 5.8GHz band. Because of the frequency. it's really only a line of site thing. Being able to use 600MHz as well would be a godsend for us because the penetration is better and we would be able to get our signal to more people. In the USA they use the 900MHz band for the same thing so I am sure it would not be that difficult to mod the kit for the UK.

Tories put ID cards, Contactpoint on manifesto hit list

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Give them a chance....

To those who say the parties are the same, I say read the manifestos again. There is clear light between them now. I applaud what the Conservatives are trying to do. At least they realise small business is the key to this unlike the current incompetent buffoons who just want to cripple SME's in this country and snoop on what every citizen is doing.

Apple shrugs to iPad Wi-Fi problems

Dave Clarke 5

Maths Check

On my calculator (999/300000)x100 =0.33%. Still not a huge number, but a 100x more than you would have us believe.

Why would anyone run their own base station?

Dave Clarke 5

This is just what i need

Why do you most of you think it's for data? I will have one of these as soon as i can get one. Why? Because i live in the middle of nowhere, mobile coverage is poor on all the networks, but my Vodafone just about copes, i miss lots of calls because of the patchy coverage (therefore i miss potential business) but i do have a 5.5Mbps broadband connection. This femtocell will mean i dont miss any more incoming calls. That's why it is an excellent thing and i want one.

Sony Ericsson delays Windows phone to Jan 09

Dave Clarke 5

Still waiting patiently....

And i've just spoken to my local vodafone shop who are expecting them in on 5th October 08. Fingers crossed.

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