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About that TV service, Mr Branson...

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Lies, damned lies, and inconsistency.

To "get a clue", the real cost of bandwidth is rather low. So, therefore the service to end-users should reflect that. Most of the people here aren't complaining about not being able to get gigabit connections for 50p per month. They are complaining about not being able to get the service they are paying for.

And in reply to other comments, I have heard of some pretty funky excuses from VM before. Someone I know was recently told that the reason his Internet service wasn't working is because wireless routers are incompatible with the service. Well. Half an hour and a quick router reset later and the Internet is working again.

Now, a few months ago I phoned the tech support line for another friend after even I (I'm humble, I know) couldn't get a D-Link router to play ball. The person I got hold of helpfully went through all the usual DHCP renewal procedures and such. None of it did anything, but the router did inexplicably start working by itself 15 minutes through the call (the guy on the other end was as surprised as myself). What's happened in the past few months apart from the name change? "We don't provide support for routers" would have been fine if somewhat annoying, but why are tech support blatantly lying to their customers?

I'll go with VM for broadband as and when I get around to upgrading from dial-up, simply because in this area the ADSL availability is somewhere between abysmal and non-existant, and because the speed of the cable broadband service in this area is pretty good (less so for TV). However, I won't be ringing tech support in the event of a problem unless it's absolutely necessary. The last thing I need is for someone to tell me that the Internet won't work because I'm not connected via a Microsoft Windows machine, and the last thing some poor sod in 1st-line tech support needs is me achieving critical mass and nuking their earhole with obscenities while explaining exactly how wrong they are.

Why the world has lost interest in IPTV services

M Gale

What a great opportunity...

...to tax people over £100 per year for owning a computer, regardless of whether they watch the BBC or not.

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