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Microsoft reveals Xbox One, the console that can read your heartbeat

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Re: Rest of the world?

The Xbox 360 functions (sort of) as a Sky box. Friend of mine uses it as such.

The real sky box does it better, but hey, some people might like controlling their tellies with a game pad.

M Gale

Proprietary APIs and GPU intricacies to handle,

PS3 uses MS Visual Studio as its IDE, and OpenGL ES and CG for talking to the GPU. Not sure about much else since I didn't sign the NDAs for that.

I would guess that the forthcoming Xbox will also be similarly stuffed full of interesting stuff that you'll only get to know about if you jump through the right hoops and promise not to tell anybody.

M Gale

Re: No second-hand games

" Also, all games apparently have to be installed when you buy them, which could really piss people off."

Why? Virtually every console game released now has a "this game requires 4 fuckloads of hard drive storage" message on the back or similiar, and then you get the inevitable stream of patches that take the beta-level shit you've bought and plug some showstopping bugs.

Not being able to sell the game on the other hand? Well eh, we've had a few years of Steam and other such bullshit getting people used to the idea of that. People in general will bend over, take it up the arse, and deride the people that refuse to as being freetards or luddites.

Welcome to the Computer Games industry.

Private equity firm coughs £1bn for Websense

M Gale

I knew I'd heard of Websense somewhere

I've ran into their oh-so-accurate filtering before.

So has this guy (apparently inaccessible from Websense IP addresses, amusingly enough)

Google's cloud dumps custom Linux, switches to Debian

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Re: Debian is my choice too...

So you hire 8 expensive people and a boatload of expensive Windows licensing, or just 8 expensive people?

M Gale

Re: Windows, Windows,

"Lower TCO"

Who's measuring? Using how many discredited Microsoft-sponsored reports?

" more efficient on same hardware"

No. Just no. There's a reason the top 500 supers are almost all Toy Unix based - because it's not quite a toy any more. With my own personal experiences largely flying in the face of your assertion (and I'm sure, many others who have similar experiences), I have to wonder what you're on about?

"and there is Powershell - which is more powerful than any default UNIX shell."

Ah, a troll. Okay, you got me, I guess.

M Gale

Re: Windows, Windows,

Depends if people are willing to pay the license fees and support work associated with keeping Windows VM instances up and running. A lot of hosting companies that provide Windows as an option already charge extra to cover this.

So sure you can have Windows "in the cloud", and I presume if you really want to connect via RDP just to restart an http server, you can have it with tiles. Why though, when you can have an OS kernel based on 24 years of active development in Internet, HPC and and embedded environments, that's rock solid, and comes for free with a whole bundle of powerful userland tools already?

Curiosity plunges its drill into Mars AGAIN, seeks life-giving sample

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Curiosity plunges its drill into Mars AGAIN, seeks life-giving sample

^^^I admire the attempt, I really do, but this one does seem a little... stretched.

Of course, that's probably what SHE said.

The iWatch is coming! The iWatch is coming!

M Gale

Re: The iWatch is coming! Ergo The Microsoft Windows Watch 8 Pro is coming!

"Android has only just brought in support for Bluetooth Low Energy in the version announced last week, whereas a few WinPho / Win 8 devices already support it."

And as soon as it's rolled out to the Nexus devices, they have the relevant dual-mode chippery to support it too. Same with any other Android device with the right hardware and a decent level of support.

How's that seamless upgrade path going from WP7, while we're dragging up old issues?

M Gale

Re: Why not a BOFH watch?

F5: :(){:|:&};:

(Well somebody had to)

M Gale

Re: The iWatch is coming! Ergo The Microsoft Windows Watch 8 Pro is coming!

"Ergo Eadon will start lobbying for a full Linux stack watch whilst everyone else gets on with buying and binning these ;)"

He doesn't need to. You know the old joke about people hacking Linux into everything including the kitchen toaster?

Well, how about The IBM WatchPad?

Of course for something more fondle-toy and less terminal client, there's always the Pebble.

I'm waiting for the first person to tell me how Apple are changing the game again, myself.

Marks & Sparks accused of silently bonking punters over the tills

M Gale

Re: Problem solved,...

Or screw all the radio crap and shove the relevant comms through a bunch of gold-plated contacts on the card.

Even simpler.

M Gale

Perfect solution to the problem.

A Dremel or similar miniature power tool, and a 0.2mm or finer drill bit. Give that chip a bit of air to breath, with a hole so small a cashier won't notice it.

Biz bods: Tile-tastic Windows 8? NOOO. We lust after 'mature' Win 7

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Re: Ballmer will take care of Win 7

I would use Linux if I knew beans about programming

Give one of the friendlier Linuxes a try in Virtualbox or something. Granted, you can't just download Crysis for it, but at the same time, Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic is distinctly easier to use than C++. Needing to know how to edit Xorg.conf went out of the window a looooong time ago.

Nintendo throws flaming legal barrel at YouTubing fans

M Gale

"leverages Nintendo's intellectual property"

Posts a walk-through for a computer game that would probably make more for Nintendo through just one extra purchase than a whole month of ad impressions?

Nintendo can jump down a pipe, and do can the notion of intellectual "property".

Google research chief: 'Emergent artificial intelligence? Hogwash!'

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Re: There is no such thing as Artificial Intellgence, and there never will be.

because they are and will always be incapable of becoming more than they are programmed to be.

Start with a grid of cells. Each cell can be alive or dead.

On every turn:

Every cell with < 2 neighbours dies.

Every cell 2-3 neighbours survives.

Cells with > 3 neighbours die.

Empty spaces with exactly three neighbours become populated with a new living cell.

Simple rules. You wouldn't think that they'd be capable of producing such staggering complexity. Complex enough to be Turing Complete, if you're masochist enough.

Hey, Teflon Ballmer. Look, isn't it time? You know, time to quit?

M Gale

Re: Only the second?

"ME was the last Windows I ever voluntarily used. Didnt seem too bad at the time."

Aye. Thing is, ME was fast by comparison to Windows 98, but rather fragile and tended to fall over at the drop of a hat. At least that was my own experience before going back to 98SE at the time.

And yes, the desktop Linuxes are rather nice these days. Problem is you'll never edit a docx file properly in Linux (for one example), and the problem isn't simply an engineering one.

M Gale

Only the second?

What about Windows ME? The OS that was so bad it was rumoured to be a live test of their bug-tracking system?

NASA signs off on sampling mission to Earth-threatening asteroid

M Gale

You know I'm wondering if some people could stick a spear through it, tie its legs to a stick and haul it off to a Lagrange point for later mining attempts.

Half of youngsters would swap PRIVACY for... cheaper insurance

M Gale

Re: Slightly OT

Getting hit by an idiot on a bike can be painful, even fatal.

However, it's not exactly a stress-free situation on the idiot either. Bicycles don't have a roll cage, ABS or airbags fitted as standard, and concrete is rather hard.

Hunt: I'll barcode sick Brits and rip up NHS's paper prescriptions

M Gale

Re: Rhyming Slang

Barcodes are 1D. QR codes are 2D.

<- Yes I'm in that kind of a mood.

Prankster 'Superhero' takes on robot traffic warden AND WINS

M Gale

If the accident is bad enough to totally destroy both reg plates on either end of the vehicle, I don't think you'll be worrying about your insurance.

Or anything else for that matter.

M Gale


"Goods were delivered, this time by Uninterruptable Power Supply."

Either downloading MP3s by candlelight during a blackout, or that must have taken a while.

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL

M Gale

Nice idea, but I can see a flaw.

Damn website can take so long to load over 3G that by the time you even get to the search box to begin your query, you might as well have just dialled the number and gone through the menu system the long way.

There a graphics-light option available? In fact I reckon they could make some money by creating a dirt-simple crossplatform app that acts like a dialler and lets you search and call in a couple of clicks.

New Ubuntu for phones due 'by end of May' – usable this time

M Gale

Re: How to make Windows 8 look good.

Oh I dunno. Unity is geared around mobile, which was (and is) half the problem with Canonical's (and Microsoft's) current desktop approach. What's nice with a touch screen is generally pointlessly huge and oversimplified for a mouse and keyboard.

At the same time though, if the next generation of Unity apps play in the GNU/Linux ecosystem (oh god, somebody please shoot me) nicely, I'm wondering if you can have access to the apps as easily from KDE, Gnome, XFCE, Ion3 or whatever else as you would for other apps from foreign desktop environments. Tell your repository manager to pull in the dependencies and hey presto. Everything At Once, without having someone's idea of an awesome UI paradigm forced on you.

Unlocking Technology Act plans to let freedom ring for devices

M Gale

A lot of fuss and bother...

...over an act that gives you your own stuff back.

Shouldn't really be the case, should it?

Standard Model goes PEAR-SHAPED in CERN experiment

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Re: How God gets away with it is a mystery to me.

Same way that the Invisible Pink Unicorn gets away with it.

Watchdog: Y'know what Bitcoin really needs? A REGULATOR!

M Gale

Re: Nazis everywhere

As opposed to bitcoins that are tied to the cost of what? GPUs?

Flat mobe battery? Just light a fire

M Gale

Re: hello can you heat me now?

Because some of us are capable of enjoying a walk in the countryside without intentionally punishing ourselves by using only Stone Age technology. We also don't feel superior about it either.

M Gale

It's called a peltier element

I have a stack of 5 92.5W elements from eBay. Plug one into the 12v rail from a PC PSU and you'll cook eggs on one side and freeze your fingers to the other, assuming the ceramic doesn't crack first. Some overclockers have been using them to pump even more heat out of the CPU and into the heatsink.

Wildly inefficient as generators, but if it's something less like a butane torch and more like a campfire, then maybe useful.

Next Xbox won't need always-on internet after all

M Gale

Watching live TV? With no Internet connection?

Like, on the TV that you just plugged the Xbox into?

No way. Lies.

App gap flap: New York's e-cabbies FOILED AGAIN

M Gale


So an injunction, on a single-button version of going *taptaptaptap* "Yeah mate, I'm on 23rd street. 8 minutes? See you there."


Peeping Tom suspects cuffed after 'falling through women's toilet ceiling'

M Gale

I guess they felt..

..a bit down in the dumps.

FONDLESLAB market DEATH STRUGGLE: Latest rankings in

M Gale

"The problem Android and iOS have is that they are proprietary computing environments"

I think you need to read up on the definition of "proprietary". Windows is about as proprietary as they come, and a lot of people are seeing the huge swell of support for not-WIndows operating systems as a chance to finally kick Microsoft in the teeth so hard they have to put their toothbrush up their arse to clean them in the morning.

Yes, Windows has 30 years of legacy. It also has 30 years of growing hate toward the owning company, and I don't think that should be underestimated.

BT and O2 ink deal to build mega 4G network

M Gale

Re: 4G - Why?

Bus. Train. Long journey. Youtube.

I know you might have a car, but some of us do the public transport thing quite regularly. HSPA is okay, just about handles a HQ Youtube video, but it'd be nice to make that a lot more than "just about."

First person to accuse me of eating up everyone's bandwidth or being some kind of subhuman for daring to want entertainment on an hour or two of bussing around, gets told to bugger off back to the 1980s.

Court orders Visa partner to allow donations to WikiLeaks

M Gale

Re: Moron Gale M Gale JaitcH ratfox Makes sense to me

If you try talking to people instead of insulting them, they might listen to you. I have never mentioned the CIA. I did however mention a psychopathic fuck of a helicopter gunner, who I would gladly call a twat to his face, then ask if he's thinking about shooting me for it. Hollering, wooping, sadistic little turd that he is.

I'm quite capable of forming my own opinions, especially of twatdangles that like to throw insults from behind the safety of their keyboards.

M Gale

Re: M Gale JaitcH ratfox Makes sense to me

" Otherwise you just come across a bit Kim il Jung."

"... what a pathetic claim..."

"In which case can I suggest you and JaitcH go stab each other - I'm not inciting violence, I'm doing "right" by the gene pool."

"Of course not, you're one of the dribbling sheeple, it would be way beyond your intellectual capabilities to actually review the evidence and make up your own mind."

And AssangeTM is not the only twat, it seems.

Come up with something other than attempts to suggest I have oedipal relationships or that I am somehow ovine, or be regarded as an utter twat. In fact I bet you were the gunner. Did that twitch in your pants feel good when you squeezed the trigger?

M Gale

Re: JaitcH ratfox Makes sense to me

Does the downvoter want to go watch that video and enjoy the audio, as the gunner looks like he's having an orgasm in his pants at the amount of holes he's pouring into the civvies?

And again at the ones who come in later to try and help the wounded?

M Gale

Re: JaitcH ratfox Makes sense to me

"Sriously, JaitcH, you've been told before about trying to join in with adult conversation - you're just not intellectually equipped."

You just lost the argument, and any and all further arguments I see you in.

Assange might be a twat, but Visa and Mastercard are in the wrong.

That video shows a camera so damned clearly that even this untrained eye can tell it apart from a bloody AK47.

Now go play with your toys.

Is this the first ever web page? If not, CERN would like to know

M Gale

Don't be silly.

It's Goatse, surely?

LG beats Samsung to OLED flexi-TV with hella pricey 55-incher

M Gale

Re: Who will buy

" In one particular case a family on benefits where claiming £2000 per WEEK."

See above under "fiddling the system". I know plenty of people who are, or have been in t'club, as some owd pit-folk might say around here. Been in it myself from time to time. The only ones who end up with appreciable amounts of money are either somehow on disability, on the fiddle, or are selling pot on the side. Divide that two-grand amount by nearly ten and you'll get closer to what I've seen 2 and 3-child families existing on.

Of course I've seen some irresponsible twats who'd prefer a big sheet of glowing glass over food in their child's belly too, but try not to paint all people on the dole in this way, eh?

M Gale

Let me enlighten you

If someone is "unemployed" and also has a huge flat screen TV and very nice car, then they are either:

(a) very recently unemployed

(b) fiddling the system

(c) a drug dealer

And even in the case of (c), that's only the stupid dealers who want to show the world what they do for a living.

Pirates scoff at games dev sim's in-game piracy lesson

M Gale

Re: pricked into buying the legitimate edition.

Egosoft used to have an effective method of getting you to buy the game. No online activation or always-on bullshit, but if you wanted fast access to the latest patches, as well as access to tech support and the developer network, you had to provide your game key with your forum registration details.

Now they've gone all wanky and Steam-only though, so no more Egosoft titles for me. Oh well. Lost sales for them. There's plenty of other XXXX games in the sea.

M Gale

Re: "an experiment in education of pirates"

Taking an unauthorised copy of something is not theft.

Never has been. Unless some asshole lawyers manage to rewrite the English language, it never will be.

M Gale

Re: Surprised this doesn't happen more

There's a few games which say something on the box to the effect of "illegal copies will deteriorate over time."

Thing is though, people who get the copies, don't get the box. They get a shit, buggy game that doesn't work properly and think "well.. thank fuck I didn't pay money for it."

M Gale

Re: gamers and pirates

"Are you ever right on the money! The thieves have all but destroyed the music industry,"

I only wish they would. Unfortunately, you're talking a load of arse.

"TV and Movies are quickly following suit,"

Do you ever turn the telly on?

"and book publishing is also failing."

I guess all those lumps of paper in the local Tesco are a phantasm. Tell me, how in fuck do you copy a dead tree book without a flat-bed scanner, OCR software, good proof-reading skills and an OCD level of obsessiveness?

" When they've utterly destroyed the gaming industry, and they no long have their favorite pastime, they'll sit and wonder how it all went wrong..."

It'll never happen. Personally though, I'd throw a party in the fucking street if it ever did. The "gaming" industry (I assume you mean computer games, not gambling) needs to die in a fire, right now. Let some new talent in. People who don't feel like raping you for £50, for a piece of shit that wants to call home every time you turn the computer on.

"Many game companies are already switching to digital copies only."

Companies I don't buy from, and never will. Except maybe Squad, but then Kerbal Space Program is DRM free. So much for your next statement...

" Digital downloads contain tracking programs, so these companies will always know WHO bought their games, WHERE they bought it, and WHERE that game happens to be when someone starts playing it because you must log into the company's servers to use certain features within the game."

You sound like you're getting a hard-on just thinking about that. I personally think you're a little sick in the head. That or you work for EA or Origin making their shit DRM for them. Same difference, really.

"EA used this angle with a couple of their Sims 3 Expansion Packs. You can't access certain in-game features without logging in to their servers."

Haven't bought an EA (or Valve, or Ubisoft) game in years, and your apologist shit is the exact reason why not.

Played plenty of them though. You work that one out.

M Gale

Most people probably downloaded that game last year when it was reported quite widely that the developers had seeded it on the pirate sites.

Finding out it was completely unplayable probably put them off paying for it, too.

3,000 downloads for a game that everyone knows was effectively given a legal pass to copy the crap out of? Yeah, I don't think the problem is piracy there, buddy.

Google Now lands on iOS

M Gale

Re: Ah, more competition ..

Don't ever use a telephone.

Surprise! Republican bill adds politics to science funding

M Gale

Indiana Pi Bill

That is all.

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