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Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

Ruud Noorhoff
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What would happen

I think many people fail to understand what MacOS is *for*. Its purpose is to to sell more Macs, that why it's cheap. Apple would make no money by selling MacOS at its current price without the hardware. They might if it was priced more like Vista Professional Extreme Ultimate Edition. And how many would buy then?

Whether the EULA is illegal immoral or both is beside the point.

If Spystar wins this no-one will benefit.

What will happen if Psystar wins this:

Mac OS will be sold for what its worth on its own. It will still come included on Mac hardware, and there might be discount coupons for upgrades. Maybe Apple would even add some software activation scheme like Windows.

Psystar is history, Mac users get to put up with extra hassle, Apple has to allocate resources to implement the hassle.

Nobody wins.

Later on MacOS will no longer work on peecees because Mac hardware will again be special this does not have to be a feature *for* keeping others out, but could be some proprietary technology that serve a real purpose. Remember, Apple now has its own chip company.

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