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Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple


fight the power

I actually BOUGHT a Psystar, and I love it. I paid $300 plus $155 for the OS X retail package, plus shipping. Since that time Psystar has made improvements that let me get normal Apple software updates from apple.com, and now they're shipping free updated restore media to any registered customer that requests it. As far as I'm concerned, Psystar is opening an issue that should and now will be decided in the courts - namely, how far can vendors restrict their products' usage via the shrinkwrap EULA? Have at it, I say! Let the legal fur fly. If Apple wanted to keep control of the keys to the kingdom, they should have stayed on proprietary hardware, and not simply gone to repackaging vanilla clone guts. Frankly, OS X is better than Windows, and if Apple had any brains they would push to get their superior software into the enterprise via every channel available, like M$ did so successfully. And let's be frank here - Apple, M$, and all the other kings of proprietary software are sociopathic control freaks who need a good slapping. Kill 'em all, I say. They're all smug, greedy SOBs.

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