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G20 police demand ID as train staff ordered to spy on passengers

Ian Moseley

East End - not

Excel is in Newham which did not become part of London until 1965

LibDems uncover over 10,000 RIPA yarns

Ian Moseley

Stop being wilfully ignorant

RIPA does NOT provide powers - it imposes restrictions on powers obtained from other legislation and methods (in the public domain) for investigating them.

If you want to worry yourselves just look at the sheer quantity of surveillance equipment available to the general public who have no general oversight to prevent them using it how they wish.

And again, dog fouling and littering are criminal offences and therefore RIPA authorisation must be obtained (not a choice or an option).

Further example - Councils have a duty to enforce noise nuisance legislation. Resident calls in claiming that their neighbours are playing the radio loudly till the small hours and shouting to each other over the top of it.

How does the Council establish that this is a genuine complaint and not simply malicious?

The obvious answer is to go and listen - but since there is a chance that they will hear the contents of the shouted conversations they have to obtain RIPA authorisation to do so - no option. Remove RIPA and you remove the ability to investigate noise nuisance - often quoted as one of the more annoying of annoyances in the UK.

CERN: LHC to fire first proton-smash ray next month

Ian Moseley

Cosmic Rays, anyone?

Apparently the particles produced will be less powerful than cosmic rays that already reach Earth from the rest of the universe.

Was it not CERN that invented the Web?

Mule sought for mysterious Chinese delivery

Ian Moseley

Practically communist?

nearer to true free trade than M..ros..t!

Trading Standards officers become copyright enforcers

Ian Moseley

uninformed comments

'Mouth breathing Trading Standards Officers' ; 'snap judgement of a guy with a clipboard'?

Rather dismissive comments of a group of people whose training has been described by universities as "too complex for an honours degree".

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