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Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

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I've had one since April

I've read dozens of books on it, taken it on several trips. My only complaint about the device is they make you turn it off during takeoff and landing!

I think the screen is easily as readable as your average paperback book, if not more so. The screen transitions were a bit odd to begin with, but I got used to them very quickly.

I discovered when you buy a book (at least some of them) from Baen books, through webscriptions, you have the option to get a CD ISO. On this ISO is a LOT more books. I bought the latest David Weber and got an ISO with just about everything he's ever written. Cost: $4.

The sony software wouldn't run on my XP-64, so I put it in a virtual machine. Not the first time I've had to do that! The cost of the ebooks was stupid. You can buy hardbacks cheaper - let alone what you can get at places like "half-price books" Sony software deleted. I did a quick web search and found some conversion software called LIBPRS500 which has been renamed to Calibre since I got my first copy (from http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/) With this neat piece of software, you can convert from just about any format into just about any other format. I've never needed the sony software.

Bottom line: With a little help from Kovid Goyal, this thing has been the best purchase I've made in a LONG time.

Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM


Another vote - with my wallet

One more bloke that was planning to buy Spore. One more bloke who will not buy spore - JUST because of DRM. I will not support stupidity. Stardock games has been getting more of my money than any other developer. I actually bought 3 copies of "Sins of a Solar Empire." One for me, one for my son, and one I gave my father as a gift. I COULD have copied the game and all of them could have run it just fine, but I really like their model: no protection on the game, but you have to have a serial number to download updates and "bonus features."

Why can't other developers be so thoughtful?

Kindle fails to set light to unsold e-book pile


I've Got a Sony Ebook reader

It isn't a kindle, but I've got an idea why even the Kindle isn't causing the mass e-book sales that were expected. The prices for ebooks are HIGH. Usually only a small amount less than a physical copy of the book. It's plenty easy around here to get a bunch of books at far cheaper prices by going to "Half-Price Books" or something similar. If they would charge a reasonable rate for books (like they do at Baen Books) they would sell a LOT more books. I've bought a bunch from Baen, simply because they are cheap enough that I can buy 6 or 7 for each one I end up really liking. Try that with books that are $7us each and you'll end up in the poor house!


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