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Cops taser JCB thief in 'slowest police chase ever'

Stuart Gepp

The police need bigger guns

A couple of 12 gauge slugs to the engine would have stopped it.

They used 'em, you reeled: the year's most overused phrases

Stuart Gepp

Agile - Not new

A few years ago, that behemoth that was EDS dreamt up a new use for the word agile in collaboration with Microsoft, SUN and a couple of other big names that slip my memory and created the Agile Alliance.

As a VMS specialist working for them at the time I was relieved to find VMS had been left out of the alliance.

Our team of VMS System Managers adopted the following mantra:

We're not agile - we're stable.

Caterpillar plans 600 tonne godzilla-lorry robots

Stuart Gepp

@AC @Stephen Gray

"The M1 Abrams tank will do 45MPH (60MPW with the governor removed "

MPW = miles per week?

Arizona pulls death certs from website over ID theft fears

Stuart Gepp

So it goes like this

Crim: Can I have some credit, please?

Bank: Tell me you name, address, DOB, mother's maiden name, etc

Crim: <reads from death cert>

Bank: All that appears correct except you're dead. How much would you like?

If banks are that stupid they deserve all they get - its just a shame us regular punters get to pay for it in the end.

Linux desktop freaks out Ubuntu man

Stuart Gepp

Here's another angle

Currently there are legion malware trying to infect your Windows box and seemingly endless security holes are found in Windows by those writing the malware.

If Linux was to become a viable desktop OS replacement for the masses its likely it would be one distro that would emerge as the defacto leader. It would then become viable, indeed attractive for the malware writers to turn more of their attention to infecting that.

I'm sure that this new attention would reveal a plethora of vulnerabilities in Linux and that would be bad for the image in the server market.

Should Linux still be developed with the desktop as a target market - sure, but there's always going to be someone who wants to protect the "we're more secure than they are" image that exists.

Aussie has answer to save Earth from asteroid attack

Stuart Gepp

Why would you want to get hit by a shotgun?

This thing is supposed to do a fly-by in 2011. If you blow it up just after it been past you won't get hit by the rubble.


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