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No snapping: Photographers get collars felt

Robert McMains, Jr.

Use a digital camera? make sure you have a spare memory card handy


... then if an 'iffy' situation occurs, and you fell it safer to delete, delete.

Swap to a different card for subsequent pictures and use something like the free photorec to get the images back when you get home. trivial to do.

Then you have the images to hand when making a complaint.

Just a thought outside the box from the western US.

I'm disabled and use my cam a lot for 'writing down' prices and products, things I want to save for, etc. and used to get hassled a lot in stores- especially the ones with lots of CCTV monitors...

Until I had some inch-square 'handicapped access' logo stickers printed and slapped a couple on my camera. No hassles since!

Mine's the one with blue & white stickers and 4 Secure Digital pockets in the lining...

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