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Motion detectors: say hello, wave goodbye and… flushhhhhh


"You'll Never Find..."

A cafe in Verona. My wife asks me where the loo is. She enters and shuts the door. 5 seconds later she exits and asks where the loo is, 'cos all she can see is "some sort of shower". I enter and recognise the hole in the floor with the tile footprints of a squat toilet. I exit and explain. Her face...think 'Erin' from 'Derry Girls". For more lavatorial "content" find the blogs on the Ech2o website.

Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again


Re: Twiggy name

Wrong series. Twiki. Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. So it sounded like"bidibidibidi" eh?

Microsoft sends a raft of Windows 10 patches out into the Windows Update ocean



Access. You know those human evolution pictures, ape to Neanderthal to: yeah you know. Well, I've been using Access since 1.0. Yes, the one that didn't work, then 1.1 that worked if you begged for 8 megabytes of RAM...and it was all I could get after dBase IV so cut me some slack! So back to the evolution metaphor. Access 2010 represented the peak of evolution, thing is, I could get stuff done with it...and then came Access 2013.

Access 2013 is the Devo of Databases. Clearly Microsoft thought so little of the program that they said "We need to throw out a new version of Access for Office 2013. Here, Booji Boy, see what you can do with it!"

So now I'm learning R.

Actually, come to think of it...

"Are we not men?"

"We are Microsoft."

This explains a lot...

Shuttleworth delivers death blow in Umbongoland dispute


It's a shame you two don't get along...

Oh dear.

Tried OpenSuSE, too green, looked about five years old and my printer didn't work properly with built-in drivers and proprietary drivers were linked to out-of-date dependencies.

Tried Mint, very pretty but again, printer didn't work properly with built-in drivers and proprietary drivers were linked to out-of-date dependencies.

Tried New Ubuntu, can't stand Unity, printer didn't work properly with built-in drivers and proprietary drivers were linked to out-of-date dependencies.

Back to tried-and-tested Kubuntu 12.04. Hopefully by the time the printer conks all this will have settled down and I can just install something and everyone and everything will be playing nicely.

The Linux Chronicles, Part 1

Thumb Up

Who are you and what have you done with the real Andrew Orlowski?

Have you changed your meds, Andrew? This isn't at all like you, arch-castigator of all things freetard-like. I actually resurrected my dormant Reg account for this. Looking forward to see where you go with this.

KDE 4. Sigh. Yes, as a long-time user of Kubuntu since 6.06 and a lover of 8.04 with KDE 3 I'd got everything I needed (apart from decent photoprinting support but let that pass). Then I decided to move on and installed 10.04. How long did it take me to realise that I couldn't get the date in the clock display to become a readable size while the time display stayed suitable for someone without a visual handicap, or wrapped around to the top of the screen while the rest of the bar stayed at the bottom? Too long. Where is everything? Why is the launcher so pants? why can't I find any of my old programs in KPackagekit

That chuffing cashew nut.

I tried the netbook variant on my netbook and was underwhelmed. The Ubuntu variant though? Nice. Likewise the Ubuntu desktop version. Even the Lubuntu desktop looks and acts like something you can work with, not a lifestyle accompaniment.

Dear KDE developers, stop trying to be Mac-like and be yourselves. Lead, don't follow. And let a few civilians see what you're planning before you throw the baby out with the version 3 bathwater.

Shuttleworth on Ubuntu: It ain't about the money


Same trolls, new day

I'd rather have one Mark Shuttleworth than a marinaful of oligarchs. The man wants to give something back to his country, if not his continent, if not more; and all I read is guff about "immoral behaviour" and "open sores"?

"Giving away software for free simply puts paid IT workers out of work." Actually AC, you're right in a funny way. In my case I saw Knoppix, and that was the end of my slack-jawed subservience to the proprietary-hardware-MSCE-yearly-re-accreditation model. I got out of IT support before the merry-go-round broke down. Perhaps you should think about the sustainability of that model - after all, you can be replaced by someone somewhere else, with lower training and re-accreditation costs...

There are people out there in the real world who don't worship money. I see Linux as one of the great social movements of our time, connecting users and programmers across the world, and promoting the human in humanity, rather than chasing money for it's own sake. Ain't I a cynic...

Mark Shuttleworth is one of the good guys. The world needs more good guys, people with something positive to say and do, not just hide under AC bridges and throw rocks.

Apricot drops 'too complicated' Linux from netbook line


And in other news...

...free-thinking prospective netbook purchasers strike Apricot from the list of potential suppliers. Wazzocks. Bet it would work fine with Xubuntu. Apricot will just sink back into the soup because they have no USP.

Lenovo drops web sales of Linux machines

Gates Horns

you fail at teh intertubes

So we've had

"keep it in the server room" - and the GF in the kitchen?

"spending hours tweaking and patching, dropping to the command line, editing text files etc." - straight from the Windows troll scriptbook - hardly ever necessary now, but older Windows users can remember editing CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT to get their soundcards and games working - tsk, youth of today...

"Almost every linux user forum and community is filled with "Get back to your VISTA desktop saddo" type *rseholes." - might have been true pre-Ubuntu but not now

"As a user I really don't want to have to learn how to recompile an OS just to get my wifi card working " - well maybe, but unless the wifi card manufacturer provides open documentation their kit will only work initally with the OS they designed it for - and I'm rooting for the little guy/gal who reverse-engineers it and makes it work with other OS's

"I enjoy having to be all techy at work, but at home I want things easy - as do 99% of all home users" - and you call yourself a techy?

I too was once a Microserf, tugging my forelock and clapping at every crumb from the top table, but I got bored with the whole thing because it was too easy, yet too spun beyond belief. I have a Vista machine bought very cheap at home, but compared to the Linux machines I have it's all flash and no substance - worse, it's like a gorgeous woman flashing at you and then doing a Captain Jack with a chip and pin terminal when you show any interest. And there's more locks and straps under the flashy dress than in a bondage party.

"Hate windows, hate linux smart arses more. " - I predict you'll grow to hate Windows more and more. Meanwhile, on with the revolution. :wq!

Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

Paris Hilton


As a dad with two kids of my own, I took it that John Freas wanted to be able to spend time with his kids, rather than slaving over a hot Linux stove/system. Really though, Linux is much more rewarding and easy to get into now than it ever was. Just ignore the fundamentalist Gentooists and go for Ubuntu or Mandriva and you'll generally not go far wrong.

Paris, because I've already likened Vista to her on the FT today...

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