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Equifax mega-leak: Security wonks smack firm over breach notification plan


Re: Right now on the Equifax site

Not only did execs at Equifax sell stock, someone has bought a few hundred thousand $ worth of put options before the public announcement that are now worth millions.

FYI: Amazon's corner stores scan your plates


No Plate, no Problem

Another reason not to run a front license plate. Sure the plate records are public, but no reason for them to know when I'm coming and going and what kind of car I'm driving, etc. Its just intrusive and creepy.

Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

Paris Hilton

supply issue

If you had 50 software engineer positions to fill and auto-hired every woman who applied, you would still not come close to 50-50. There is still fundamentally a supply side issue. Look in any college tech class. Not many females in there.

I had a couple of entry level SE positions open back in the spring and got 600 applicants, mostly recent MS-CS grads. The women applicants were in the single digits. We did mange to hire one.

At JavaOne a couple of weeks ago I don't think you could fill a small room with the few women who were there.

Microsoft chucks bigger salaries and cash bonuses at staff


Can't Compare CA salaries vs WA

You really can't directly compare salaries of engineers in largely California based companies like Google and Facebook, vs Washington state salaries. California (and especially the SF bay area where Google and Facebook are) has much higher cost of living and thus higher wages. 90K in WA is easily better than 100K in CA. MS employees are not missing out on anything there. Now the weather on the other hand....

JavaFX preview highlights critical weaknesses


Not all javafx apps suck

The Sun samples are pretty minimalistic (and definitely not designed by a graphics design expert), but that is not due to an inherent limitation in the technology. Although there are no WYSIWYG design tools, the scene graph support with stackable effects can be used to create some pretty impressive user interfaces with very concise code. (and everyone knows WYSIWYG designers only work on toy applications anyway)

As an example, WidgetFX is an open-source javafx framework similar to Yahoo Widgets or Google Gadgets, which shows a little more of the potential of the framework:


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