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Copyright lawyers accuse 25,000 UK videogame filesharers


Bastards got me

I succumbed to DL when they accused me of uploading a game I've never even heard of (Twin Worlds I think it was called). Wife heavily pregnant and no idea how to prove my innocence I just gave them their bloodmoney which exceeded £700.

At the time they accused me of I was running an insecure wifi as Virgin refused to replace my buggered modem, that kept disconnecting when I had WEP enabled. Did I think something would happen? No.

I don't download or upload anything. My newborn daughter can't crawl yet so unlikely that she did it, moreso as she wasn't even conceived at that time anyway. My wife surfs shopping sites. My son would have been 2 at the time, so again, unlikely that he was responsible.

However I paid them as I didn't know how to prove my innocence and I WAS NOT putting my wife through any stress during her pregnancy. Now reading some of these comments is making me wonder if I should have stood up to them.

I'll be interested to watch this 'cause if there are any chinks in their armour I'll be seeking legal advice and asking for my money back.

Good luck if they come at any of you. Fight 'em! They are picking on innocent people as well as guilty ones.

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