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Google Docs app lands on Android



It's about damn time!


Linux kernel R&D worth over 1bn euros





Welcome to the out-of-control decade



These are not my words about this article, but they pretty much sum up what I wanted to say.

"I think it's overly alarmist.

People thought the same thing about MS Windows.

They argue that novice users won't jailbreak the phone.

The same thing could have been said about Windows 98... but how many

people were running illegal copies of windows 98??? Millions.

If Apple gets too cocky, more people will jailbreak or switch. If they

don't get too cocky, then people will just be more or less happy.

Same goes with the cloud. If they abuse your information, people will

demand audits, custodians, 3rd party checks, systems to watch the

maintainers, more open systems etc etc. If they don't abuse too much,

people will be happy for not having to manage their own servers.

Everything finds an equilibrium."


Google and the myth of the open cloud

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get a hold of yourself

People will choose whats easiest and most convinient. End of story.

This is the equivalent of bashing McDonalds for making people fat while the company happens to be saying it's health conscious.



This is such a Freetard artice.


Linux desktop freaks out Ubuntu man


linux facts

Linux dominates the server market.

84% of the top 500 supercomputers run linux.

Of all the websites you've ever accessed, theres a big chance that the majority of cms's you've touched were on a linux server.

The majority of ILM's rendering power comes in the form of linux server farms.

The NYSE servers run on Redhat.

Oh and by next year, Russia will have brutally forced all their schools and educational intitutions to switch to some form of linux...

So whats linux good for otherwise?

Games, you can practically forget about that. In the desktop world, Windows runs the best games.

Office software, possibly, I've had no trouble with things like Open Office, although I know many people who have had terrible messups with it...

So ya, for everything else, its alright. But, it is true about hardware compatibility. If you just slap linux onto anything, you can expect it to throw you endless trouble, and your getting what you paid for.

Do not expect to just ram a linux distro into anything and have a windows experience. Unless you have more patience than the average joe and are willing to get down in the mud, your wasting your time.

If you want, it to work "flawlessly", then just like Mac works, I'd recommend getting something like those Dell laptops that come with Ubuntu linux preinstalled. Just like a mac, you'll have no problems with that. And I've heard the Asus EEE PC can come with Xandros linux preinstalled.....

So, ubuntu works with certain dells, mac works with macs, and windows works on more less everything else.

All depends on what your needs are and how far your willing to go.

Speaking as an Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos user.


Intel buys up UK Linux lab


things are getting interesting

a linux embedded phone without any catches or bugs?

future looks good so far...


Google flicks pennies down geothermal well


Cooling down the earth?

Even if you covered every square inch of this earth with geothermal power stations, you would make an insignificant little dent in the earths core temperature.

The entire mass that we and all life lives on (the crust) is only 1% mass of the earth. Its tiny. The boundary of the crust is only 10km down, then another 50km if you include the tectonic plates. That temperature alone is 1,000 °C (1,800 °F).

When the mantle reaches the core it gets even hotter. 4,000 °C (7,200 °F) .

Sorry for the science lesson, but theres simply no way we can "drain" the heat of the earth to nothing.

Sure EGS is expensive. But Nuclear power stations are too and they are far more dangerous.


Not exactly a fusion dream.

I'm not sure what Google's game plan is other than good PR.

But on the topic of Geothermal Energy itself... it is extremely promising.

MIT wrote a very detailed article how EGS can work in United States.

You can find it in geothermals wikipedia article, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geothermal_energy

The long and short of it is that, is would be green energys silver bullet, exept for one problem. Actually getting down there where the heat is. Drilling is insanely expensive and thats what puts it off.

National Geographic featured a documentary on Geothermal Energy. And it mentioned a technology thats still under development, called a Flame Jet Drill .

If that can become sold commercially, it would solve the last problem with EGS.

Back in the 80's 8 geothermal plants powered the entire mass of San Francisco's power needs, producing more than two nuclear power stations.

Read MIT's article and look it up. Long term, Geothermal is the best answer there is.



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