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Re: Decreasing Salaries?

"The problem isn't simply decreasing salaries; the problem is calculating back pay and taxes on said back pay after reinstating everyone's salary in the future. The code to handle that scenario simply isn't there. Doing it all by hand is obviously not realistic."

Then the system was bad to start with.

I've seen systems, designed in the late 70s and finished in the (very) early 80s (ok, they're not quite 30 years old) that could do things like this without a hickup.They were explicitly designed to do things like that. If an employer finds out, that he'smade a mistake and "underpaid" his employes for the last 3 years would have a serious issue rectifying this problem. A good payroll system will "notice" backdated salary changes, recalculate EVERY payroll cycle (sure it'll take some time to do) and come up with a pay slip that contains all the changes and adjustments, incl. tax, pension payments, health care and whatnot.



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