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Microsoft discovers disposable email

Deb Swinney

Google already allows email+x@gmail.com

Have done so (quietly) for a while. It's less useful than you think, as a lot of email forms won't recognise this as a valid email.

UK set for eBook pricing showdown

Deb Swinney

I'd noticed that

"editors, and decreasingly, proof-readers"

Yes, I'd noticed the decreasing use of proof-readers in several books recently.

Facebook forces users to expose or remove connections

Deb Swinney
Thumb Down

Not for pages

You can do the groups thing with most of the site, but not Pages you like, which are always public. No option. What FB just did was convert your employer, school, music, TV and movies to Pages, making public. The only option was to remove them all from your profile.

Facebook boss admits privacy 'errors' and promises revamp

Deb Swinney

Nice bark. Nasty bite.

Sadly, just today Facebook forced me to switch all my music, tv and movies from my profile to Pages, which are publicly visible. Only alternative was to remove them all from my profile (which I did). So it seems that the words are just words, the contempt for privacy remains.

Apple's draconian developer docs revealed

Deb Swinney
Jobs Horns

Yeah but

I'm guessing that if the EFF want to start any lawsuits, then the evidence (the Agreement) will need to be acquired legally. Anyone who signed up and discloses it isn't entitled to (under the Agreement), so they had to find a workaround that got them there within the law.

But IANAL, and I don't know what the EFF's plans are - just guessing.

Women face 'glass cliff' after breaking glass ceiling

Deb Swinney


"Here's what everyone taking a position of leadership throughout history has had to accept: if something bad happens, it's all *your* fault. Ask any politician..."

You think our politicians accept that it's their fault when something goes wrong? Jeez, which country are you living in?

Apache terminates 'outdated' web server

Deb Swinney

Final cut-off

"[ASF] has released HTTP Sever 1.3.42".

Are you sure? Maybe they severed release 1.3.42?

Kindle to come to Blighty on 19 October

Deb Swinney

But will it sell UK editions of books?

I really can't put up with reading everything in US spelling.

Google remodels top secret money machine

Deb Swinney

If Google really believe in automatic matching...

... then why not place the extra ads for free, but charge double (or some multiple) for click-throughs. Then people will pay more if Google really does find them more customers, but not otherwise.

Of course, that model would only make sense if Google really believes that their extra ads are appearing to the right audience.

The pirate logo, because it seemed relevant.

iPod Nano trouser fireballs sweep Japan

Deb Swinney

UK Nanos Warning

"* Your dryness may vary. For UK readers, this would be dry in the sense that dry white wine is dry."

What, full of alcohol? That'd explain the sudden flammability, I guess.

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