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Both HPs allegedly axed people just for being old, California court told

Brian Meehan

Re: Wage slaves

I am not sure that's true,,,younger workers are constantly having kids, which is expensive in itself, but those kids get sick, go to the doctor, break bones, etc, i think, on average, a younger workers family of 4 is more expensive than an older worker of one.

Another commentator said it, most HR workers are under 35, they are making the decisions based on,, well, whatever it is, it isn't actually the needs of the company, it is the needs of the HR department.

AT&T to mothball 2G network by 2017

Brian Meehan

>By comparison, only around 12 per cent of the carrier's monthly subscription customers (as opposed to prepaid customers) still use 2G handsets, making the spectrum AT&T has set aside for that service a growing liability.<

This is a bit of untruth. What you mean to say is that 12% of subscribers use phones that are limited to 2G. But even 3G and 4G phones are 2G capable.

Even 3G or 4G phones still make voice calls over 2G. Phones support multiple bands and multiple technologies. A 4G phone falls back to 3G in areas that have no 4G coverage, and to 2G when there is no 3G.

However, they ALL USE 2G for making voice calls. The carriers have billions invested in the 2G switches and infrastructure, and will HAVE TO USE THAT until 4G and VoLTE becomes ubiquitous. They are not going to remove any 2G equipment for some years, and even then only reduce capacity, not eliminate it. And with AT&T so far behind VzW in the LTE deployment, they will be supporting 2G for some time. Beyond 2017, I should think.

And another correction, T-mobile in the U.S. has committed to deploying LTE, although they haven't started yet.

Techies evac'd as raging wildfire menaces $100m Colorado data centre

Brian Meehan

Both Verizon and Verizon Wireless had buildings evacuated.

Mobile telcos bleed $13.9bn as IM apps chomp on SMS

Brian Meehan

Yeah, and another thing...

Being a "pipe" is what the carriers fear most. They have to be able to differentiate between each other. They don't want to lose control of the customer. This is what almost happened to AT&T. They almost became Apple's network.

Sprint is in danger of becoming a "pipe", with all the MVNO's and wholesalers on their network.

If carriers move to the "Pipe" model, then there will be less investment and a lower level of service. Carriers won't keep up service levels if no one can see the difference.

And another thing, SMS is not "free" to the carriers. There is a large infrastructure involved with the SMS service, and it has to be cared for just like every other service. SMS is almost 'free" from the perspective of frequency use, as it piggybacks on other traffic, but it is not "free" by any means.

Drunken employee pops cap in server

Brian Meehan

any word on what Operating system?

I presume it must have been some version of windows?

3D car dashboard displayed

Brian Meehan

3d WHY?

And what exactly is the purpose of having a second 3d view (the first 3d view, of course is the one you get by looking out the f-ing window!)?

What possible functionality does this provide? And at what cost?

PS3 prices slashed by Sony SonyStyle

Brian Meehan

$150 off

In the U.S., Sonyrewards.com is offering $150 off a PS3 if you sign up for their credit card. That's an 80G model for $249.

Mazda takes RX-8 for a spin on 'hydrogen highway'

Brian Meehan

Watts or horsies?

I am a little confused by this statement:

Mazda said the RX-8's rotary engine delivers 80kW of power (109bhp) when running on hydrogen, or 154kW (220bhp) when running on petrol.

Why are we talking about electricity here? It runs off the standard engine/trans setup here doesn't it? I mean that the engine doesn't act as a generator to power electric motors, or does it? Why the Watts measurements? please clarify

Artemis Fowl scribe to pen sixth Hitchhiker's novel

Brian Meehan


I have been a fan of HHG2TG for years, and my 9-year old is currently burning thru the fowl books.

I am looking forward to turning him on to the Hitch Hikers trilogy's six (or more) books.

Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Brian Meehan


I have the jabra 3030. Sound quality is excellent, though it could use a bit more volume (that could be the phone I was listening to the music from, though).

One other great feature that wasn't mentioned in the review. It supports two Bluetooth devices concurrently. Listen to music on one device, and if a call comes in on the other, it interrupts your listening to take the call. Excellent feature.

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