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BT does Italian Job on London traffic lights


@ anonymous coward @ Mark Wills

since the cut is half way through a link, you can't expect to see any 'colour coding' as you sugges. And to claim 1. you would route it overland and 2. 'you would have it done in half a day given BTs resources'? are you serious?

if a major cut occurred in our infrastructure, it would certainly be a disaster scenario only to be remedied by many hours of retubing, reblowing etc etc. of course we'd switch-reroute the less important stuff (say 50000 residential), but no monkeying around with critical infrastructure...

there are events which are financially viable to mitigate, and there are other rare-events which one should never ever pay to mitigate: ask 'what are the chances of someone cutting here... and would we have to pay the bill?' = <1e-9 = no = lose/lose for spending any money there.

Mr. Murphy's insurer will be receiving a very large bill, tant pis.

Did TomTom test Microsoft's Linux patent lock-down?


more than a sat nav...

Perhaps this is a symptom of a fundamental shift. A typical sat nav is starting to become much more than a sat-nav... Time to strike before it's a missed opportunity... I think FAT is used to encourage people to put their mp3s / personal files / funny characters on them as easily as possible... Probably ms didnt care when there was no market overlap.

I wonder - maybe one day TOMTOM will take BMW to court and say "they shouldn't bundle ONLY BMW satnav in a new BMW... It's anticompetitive!"

And hence the floodgates open - fingers in pies, on the double.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away


and when the petrol isn't popular?

so.. what happens when all these hybrid electric car beasts come along and dont actually consume petrol then?

I presume road pricing is how they want to go, as in 5-10 years it may be the only way that they can claim any tax at all....

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