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Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

synonymous custard

Apples and Oranges

fnarr fnarr, you fruity lot

> this is quite a sizable portion

> your bashing of the iPhone to me is a symptom of a jerk

> iPhone-envy

> now I see why you're so touchy

> 'prime the pump'

> Faking it!

> tidy appearance and a pretty user interface

> kiss and make up

> felchposts exuded by random soapboxers

> must need some serious missionary

> Cheap shots

> fire them off

> OK, I deserve the chastisement (moderatrix)

> While Mr Mectron is quite entitled to have his own needs and desires

> I know several people with this device (not myself) who find it extremely useful, at a stroke negating Mr Mectron's assertion.

> puerile satisfaction teasing

ok ok, hand me the dirty mac

I'm off to polish the iPhone


Card fraud-fearing Brit tourists carry cash

synonymous custard

cash please

I always prefer cash, of course the fact I look like i'm about to mug you, does help.

I'd love to be there as some guy runs down the street with eddies wad (of pubes).


French cough in to filthy restaurants

synonymous custard

French food in two easy steps

1 - Go to butchers, buy meat.

2 - Serve with arrogant tone.


Psychologists give gaming the thumbs up

synonymous custard

Its Edu-tainment

my eight year old learnt some spanish from a game, "CHINGA TU MADRE" he'll shout at his little pals as they flying kick each other, ahhhh, bless.

ok i'll start ->

"A third study, based on nearly 2000 World of Warcraft players, found......." eh?

streaks of piss

(Stops taxi) "I need your car" WALLOP



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