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Reborn UK internet super-snooper charter to be unveiled today

Matthew Gardner

I'm sure if May is involved it's got to be reasonable!

So it will cost us bugger all well less than £2 billion and bound to be under budget, just like Olympics and the new Health Services system that is up and running and all lovely.

This is the perfect tool for the civil servant stalker if it works, they can find out where you live, who you call and what friends they have on social networks, all done without the need to prove why they want the info.

It's funny how May mentions paedophiles alot to make sure it sounds like this will help stop it, yet everyone is going to Levison to say how corrupt the papers are just using your number to listen to messages left on them, just think what dirt the papers and the like could get on you when this is up and running.

Its stupid, this info needs a warrant to look at if we need it at all.

Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site

Matthew Gardner

Bloody Stupid

Maybe time the UK starts banning things that also break copyright e.g. consoles, PVR's etc if you put a CD in most devices they will download the track listings even though know you have no right to do so.

Whats the difference to that and a linking site both require user to do something and both do nothing wrong till user acts but both can be used to do something illegal.

I bet if UK said ok you can extraidt but we will have to start looking into hardware sold here that breaks copyright and till resolved we will have to stop all imports.

Apple iPad run rate hits 2m units a month

Matthew Gardner

ipad replace netbooks

I think this mis-leading I did read in the past netbook sales drop then peak before chrimbo, and the drop was same this year but ipad sold on top of that figure.

Some people who would buy a netbook will now buy an ipad but not the majority, as the cost of an ipad is same as that of a laptop not netbook.

The majority of those buying netbooks are being bought for kids or people working away, so the kids will still be bought netbooks or laptops, those working away will buy ipads or netbooks.

ipad are good but no replacement for lappy and are competition for netbook but a netbook can still do more than an ipad.

ipads are good but will not take place for the majority of netbooks they will be bought as a gadget in own right.

Landmark copyright trial against Pirate Bay gets underway

Matthew Gardner
Gates Horns

Hope they win!

Funny comment

"Guilty !

By Robin Field Posted Monday 16th February 2009 13:10 GMT

If you only drive the getaway car, you're still charged with armed robbery. Running "search" engines facilitates the distribution of the illegal content, and makes them guilty.

Now, when are the courts going after Gooooooogle :)

You miss the fact your found guilty as you new the robbery was going on, if the robbers got in a taxi, the driver would not been done as an armed robber.

Pirate bay are a search engine there no more guilty than Sony for selling a DVD recorder and the discs to facilitate the recording of TV which is also illegal in the UK as is in most countries.

It infringes the right holders in a more guilty way than TPB do so who are the guilty ones here.

Get with the times if TPB are guilty then so are Yahoo, Google, M$ and the rest.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away

Matthew Gardner

Road Toll :-(

I thought we paid road tax to pay for roads so if we get tolls for motorways do we get reduced/rid off road tax to compensate for not paying for the new tolled roads we already pay for.

The problem is not how much road tax we pay but the fact less than a third goes on roads, rest is hospitals and schools, so if more people ditched cars for public transport the Government would need a new tax to raise these funds. I guess they would have to tax fuel and insurance more.

As people have said fuel is the easy way of taxing those that have bad fuel economy from little old grannies who use it once a week to get her shopping.


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