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Brits now spend more on debit cards than rustle or jingle money

Steve Morgan

You'll never get rid of cash completely...

Just can't see the drug dealers having a chip and pin machine...

Granada to start losing analog telly tomorrow

Steve Morgan

The answer possibly is..

To allow consumers to purchase digi boxes over a period of a couple of years rather than in a big rush.

Imagine the panic on switch over day and the extortionate prices that evil shops and ebayers would charge knowing how desperate people would be that they don't miss Sickly Go Away Dancing and Crap-Factor.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away

Steve Morgan

Overpopulation is the problem

The route problem of congestion is the same root problem of most environmental issues – overpopulation.

We’re cramming more people onto a tiny island – I’m not targeting immigration here - I’m talking about the human race as a whole and its desire to keep adding to the numbers.

No increase in population = no increase in congestion *

I’ve made the commitment to reduce my carbon footprint by not having kids. Though, I bloody hope the government doesn't think this is a good policy and start assisting us with this ‘decision’!!

* assuming all other factors such as cost of motoring remain the same.


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