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National DNA database grows on the genes of the innocent


@RE: make a point, make your vote invalid

Sure, if you spoil you ballot paper you're portrayed as too stupid to vote/content with your lot.

But if massive numbers spoil their papers, that starts to show up in statistics.

Even better, if massive numbers spoil their paper in exactly the same way, say by affixing a colourful, highly visible sticker to their paper, that would be hard to pass off as an act of thickism and would also be visible enough to start being noticed at count footage on tele.

Penguin, cos i'd vote for an Antarctic seabird over any of the current tw@s.

Did we say you can read that?


Why is it...

..that when the IRA were actually and regularly blowing places up, the only things they took away were the bins from the train stations?

Now, when Al Q. is on the whole, not blowing things up, they feel the need to take away our freedoms (the same freedoms that were told Al Q hates so much).


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