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IBM's dynamic infrastructure taking shape

Wayne Horkan

Don't want to rain on your parade but...

...Sun have been talking about 'Dynamic Infrastructure' for a few years now, in a similar light, you'd almost imagine someone might have read their press releases and material too.

More here: http://www.sun.com/service/dynamicinfrastructure/


Windows XP crashes out of Olympics?

Wayne Horkan

A little bit of common sense...

Just blogged this: http://blogs.sun.com/eclectic/entry/microsoft_crash_bsod_beijing_olympics

Frankly what's so very wrong with the idea that the pictures are genuine, that it is a valid copy of Windows, that there hasn't been a hardware error, and that, just perhaps, software goes wrong occasionally?

It just takes a little application of Ockham's Razor to see the truth here.

Wayne @ http://blogs.sun.com/eclectic/



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