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UK's 'elitist' immigration rules billed for January




You are trolling, aren't you?

"Running battles" between ethnic groups from the former Yugoslavia, government grants - specifically for immigrants, mind - to buy cars, "no english" signs, marauding Poles roughing up English kids (not just any English kids - *black* English kids - to prove that despite all appearances you're not a miserable, embittered hard-right fantasist thug) - which sputtering, sickly synapse in your head generated these Nostradamus fantasies?

How are these East Europeans surviving up there in Hull if they're not workers but only "workers"? It's certainly not off benefits - citizens of the eight East European countries that joined the EU in 2004 are not here on the same basis as citizens of the EU-15. Essentially, they are here on sufferance for another four years, leaving them ineligible for welfare payments. Romanians and Bulgarians are barely allowed to work here at all. So - all those East Europeans - they're either working, dead, or a figment of your febrile little imagination.

I *think* you're a troll, but your trolling is so distasteful that you'll have to forgive me for loathing you regardless.

Anyway, the Right Honourable Mr Byrnes' ideas are outstanding. Students will be assessed for eliteness before their allowed into the country. If they're not leet, then they won't be able to get in. So how, pray, are they to attain eliteness in the first place? Our cash-strapped unis will be delighted to see their valuable foreign revenue streams collapse, I'm sure....



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