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Sun wades into key management kerfuffle

Mack Sim


Well, standardization has a bad name in security circles - it's called monoculture and it's a great way to ensure that everyone gets to be vulnerable all at once, if a vulnerability is found. I'm all for openness, but standardization might be carrying it farther than necessary, or indeed prudent.


Bear prints found on Georgian cyber-attacks

Mack Sim
Black Helicopters

@James Butler, Corrinne

Time for a geography/history lesson. Georgia never "invaded" south Ossetia. In fact, south Ossetia has been part of Georgia from the get-go (i.e. since when the USSR split).

To make matters more complicated, Russia has not "invaded" south Ossetia (a part of Georgia, remember?) either. Russian forces are stationed there as -get this- peacekeepers under a UN mandate. They (kind of) overstepped the boundaries of their mandate when they got out of south Ossetia and began spilling into the rest of Georgia, in response to an ill-conceived attempt to oust them by the Georgians.

I'm still waiting for a UN/Security Council position on the issue - but none seems forthcoming, so probably as far as they're concerned, nothing of note happened.



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