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Microsoft rolls Netflix into Windows Media Center

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I for one welcome our new streaming overlords.

"After all, why not just browse the content directly from Netflix's website if you're stuck on the PC in the first place?"

I'll tell you why - ever since I "upgraded" to Netflix's SIlverlight player, every time I play a Netflix movie on my Vista Premium HTPC from Netflix's site, the player crashes from fullscreen to windowed mode every time Windows remarks on even the most unremarkable events ("would you like to clean your desktop?" No - I only have 5 icons on my desktop for a reason, you twit.).

You try making it through 30 Days of Night when fullscreen playback dies more often than the characters in the damn movie.

Having native Netflix Silverlight support right in WMC means that Windows event notifications are suppressed and I can enjoy the streaming goodness in all its fuzzy, 480p glory.

Any aaSes in your organisation?


IT thinks reducing infrastructure is a bad idea? But of course. . .

While I understand the point of the article - that cloud computing isn't the second coming - I respectfully disagree. I think the fact that El Reg's core readership is in the IT space skews the results significantly.

While I would hardly say I've drunk the Kool-Aid - I don't agree that cloud computing will ever completely displace enterprise apps - I do believe that SaaS has much more potential than most IT folks are willing to give it credit for. Particularly because it can provide a company with tremendous agility to adapt its front-end tools to reflect changes in business processes - changes that heretofore have taken months, if not years, to implement with on-site applications.

With most SaaS platforms, much of this can be done by the business in a matter of weeks, rather than by IT in a matter of months - so I do think that IT should sit up and notice, or else the business will move on. Rather than the typical IT bits being at risk to outsourcing - helpdesk, development, telcomm support, software maintenance - the areas of IT that have typically been secure will be at risk - IT project management, business analysis, etc.

As a former sales guy who, via operations, has come in sideways to the IT world, I believe it's important to get different perspectives on things like this - any operations folks out there what to chime in?

Hasbro kills Colonel Mustard in the corporate office with the marketing ploy

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"It was l3bowsk1, in the Hasbro Boardroom, with candlestick. . ."

On behalf of us Americans, I apologize - I recall playing clue when I was a kid, and this just baffles me. Clue, without the old school revolver, without the lead pipe? How can you envision cold-blooded murder without a lead pipe?

I can just imagine some fat moron at Hasbro HQ thinking "We've got to punch this up for the LOL, OMG, interwebs generation. The kids eat this stuff up."

So now it's going to be "It was Paris, in the hot tub, with a night-vision camera." Or maybe "It was Lindsay, in rehab, with a Blackberry."



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