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Cray, Intel, and Microsoft birth baby supercomputer

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The CX1 Office Toaster

Yeh, right, that many high performance cores in the office behind the desk. How many amps is your local office wall socket rated for again?? I can see health and safety guys getting all over this as the boffins in the corner crank up the AC and start fires. The IT security guys will have a fit too.

We've spent too long getting IT away from the office floor and into the Data Center where it belongs. If this catches on a await the inevitable headlines once one is melted/hacked/stolen/flooded with a cuppa!

Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war


Easy retaliation

Remember - the problem Rynair has is with the booking of tickets through other websites. No one can really stop other websites delivering search results including Rynairs prices and then refering the customer to the actual Rynair site for purchase. (Think kayak.com). So .... this opens the door to mischief. For instance an aggregator can simply put whatever price they want for the Rynair flight and steer their customers via price comparison to other, more friendly airlines.

The real problem here for Ryaniar is comparison elimination, not booking per se.


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