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Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war

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Ryanair want the Extra Money

Ryanair are simply wanting the extra money provided by the other services they provide.


Early/Speedy boarding

Hotels Cars Etc.

The funny thing is that they use WWTE worldwide travel exchange to provide their hotels. WWTE is owned by Expedia, therefore Expedia are providing this service.

Most screenscrapers are only using the airlines site to get the prices, there bookings are then made directly on the airlines website, and the credit card payment is made to the airline.

Given that some online agencys provide upto 100 seats sold a day for some of these so call low cost airlines I can't understand why they are complaining so much. At least the planes will fly full.

I remember reading the easyjet vs Expedia issue a few months ago. The reported really didn't do any research and everything she said was in the whole not factually correct.


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