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Google slips Reg reader £500k!!!!!

Jerome Cheynel
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500,000 GB Poun

This message is not promising you £500,000. I wonder how much a GB Poun is worth though... For all you know 500K might not even be worth a pint down the pub :oD

Virgin Media boosts bottom tier broadband

Jerome Cheynel
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Price hike?

If they currently charge new customers £20 for the "L" 10Mpbs package, does it mean my £10 "M" 2Mbps package is going to be "upgraded" to £20 per month too?

The only reason I'm with VM is because we don't have a landline in the flat (it's new) and that would hurt me to fork out £150 upfront to BT for a new line then £11 per month for the rental of a line I don't use (gone all mobile). But at £20 per month I'll have to think again...

Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war

Jerome Cheynel
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...because comparison is not flattering

Screen-scraping engines are extremely good when you need to travel on a budget and can't afford to spend ages trying every single combination yourself. I would still go on using them.

Anyway, only that I'd go to Ryanair's website to make the definitive booking.

Having that said, I can understand where they're coming from... On their website, you have to go through all the booking process to know how much you're actually going to pay with the never-ending and ever-growing list of taxes and charges (now the list also includes luggage charges and booking fees). On search engines you get the final price right away and it doesn't compare all that well with the rest of the competition anymore.

I try as much as possible to avoid Ryanair, I'm tired of all their tricks and are often more expensive than BA, for a much poorer service.

Paris and her private jet, because I'm worth it. ;)


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