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MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head


Humour? Stuff that, there's puritans voters out there

This country just gets worse and worse. Not only do we have Mandy foisted on us unelected and very much undesired but no-one even has a bloody sense of humour any more. If there was actually an English speaking country that wasn't as prudish/puritan (or worse) I'd vote with my feet. Sadly the English speaking world is universally rubbish - bah humbug!

oh and did I mention I really, really detest Mandy and resent his revival intensely?

Star Wars MMO to grab more players than WoW

Thumb Down


Beating the decomposing remains of the equine there... SWG was/is pretty awful and going on the JarJar principal the next one will stink even worse.

Gamers cash in on LittleBigPlanet delay


To why not the other one

Simple answer really, Christians don't tend to go all *shock* *horror* and blow things up

Sony probably already worry enough about bomb carrying penguinistas to want to add our Muslim brethren to the list 8)

Dick Smith pr0n mobe heads for eBay


Super business wheeze

Surely someone should look into selling mobiles pre-loaded with amateur pr0n. Given the amounts available on the web it must be a huge market and you could have fun trying to play "spot the star" round town.

Linux on the WinXP MSI Wind netbook?


What about the other way around?

I was actually wondering how well windows stuff runs in wine or a VM engine. Anyone tried it? I was thinking of running old games like the HoMM series on the way to work but not having to bother with XP

Aussies: Eat roos, save the planet


Dairy cows

Hey Mark, have you heard of humour? I thought not. I personally grow and eat my own vegetables but I also like trolling extremists.

@ the AC about dairy cattle. You also need to do a little research pal. To produce milk, a cow must become pregnant and produce a calf - every year. No calf -> no milk -> farmer kills cow. 50% of those calves (give or take) are going to be male - guess what? Male -> no milk -> farmer kills calf. From an overpopulation point of view, calving every year for milk means a lot of surplus cattle. Do you seriously want to just kill them and not eat them? Or produce only as much milk as can be done while keeping the population constant through old age attrition?

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