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Blu-ray to rule by 2011

Nicolas Colbert

Blu-ray Schmoo-ray

And I predict the bottom will fall out of the disc market because we'll all just be downloading films. The product life cycle for Blu-Ray will be a fraction of the time that DVDs have prevailed.

1/ Downloading is so easy.

2/ Downloadable movies are portable.

a. you'll want to re-purchase the download version because it would take you many hours per film to rip and transcode (even more so if you've purchased discs with excessive DRM)

b. you can legally share amongst your devices

3/ Apple has introduced films for download via iTunes - in HD format if you have Apple TV. Others are sure to follow - Sky?

4/ Downloads are cheap (comparatively)! Usually £6.99 or £9.99.

5/ A couple of external hard drives plus maybe an Apple TV or similar take up far less room.



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