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Ubuntu launch marred by website woes


Re: Duh? Why isn't BitTorrent the default?

Amen to that!

As for the wireless issues, both Ubuntu and the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint have worked perfectly with Ralink, Netgear and USR cards, although WPA functionality has been flaky on both distros.

Will be interesting to see how wireless performs out of the box with the latest version...


Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage


Nanny Culture

I agree with the above comments. Since when has it been a matter for the courts when somebody feels insulted by something? People insult/offend me practically on a weekly basis. I don't feel the need to sue all and sundry, simply because my feelings are hurt.

The same applies to "offensive" TV shows. If you don't like it - change the channel. In this situation, if the sofa really is deeply offensive, take the damn thing back then.

Not sitting on a couch you have just shelled out, I assume, a lot of money for is ridiculous.



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