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Robert Llewellyn drops Red Dwarf clanger


I'm scared..

It's going to be rubbish, isn't it :(

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

Paris Hilton

Anti Competition

Surely? I wonder what would happen if it MS (Or M$ to you haters out there) started producing propietry hardware and insisted that if you wanted a PC with Vista then you had to buy it from them. That would, essentially, reduce the new PC market to Microsoft and Apple.

Paris because she can get it from anywhere

Puerto Rican corpse stands for three-day wake



Can't decide if that's downright disgusting or fantastically funny.

Paris, because she'd still hit it.

ICANN backs auction of disputed domains

Thumb Down

Well, it's decided...

...cash over entitlement.


Cable broadband shines in Virgin Media Q2

IT Angle

It Works!

Cool - I'm on 20Mbit broadband and can max it the vast majority of the time. Interestingly, and this was mentioned here, our old Belkin router used to slow us down massively. We were on a verge of complaining when it occured to me - so I set up a Server 2003 machine and got it to act as a router.

Bumf! 20 Megs. The router just acts as a wireless AP now and it's brilliant. I wonder how the other commercial routers hold up with relatively high traffic.

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