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Verizon offers Motorola mobe with 48-HOUR battery life


Re: They never exaggerate

I think you may be struggling somewhat with how you define "standby", as polling for email every 15 minutes is active use in my book. It's surprising just how long a smartphone will go for if the only use is calls and texts.

Case in point: my phone stopped charging one Sunday night before I went to work in the morning, leaving me with about 60% charge. Admittedly it's a G-Note 2 with a fairly monstrous battery, but I work driving a truck so can be away from home all week and by this point the thing had had 8 months of extremely intensive use, however I didn't have a single "is it going to die soon" thought.

By dint of turning off all the radios bar the basic GSM, I trundled through my front door shortly before lunch on Saturday with a charge of between 20 and 25% remaining having been in normal contact with the transport office and other drivers by phone and text. A few hours use then.

If I'd been paranoid and ignored the thing apart from essential use (that's what I'd call standby) I'd have probably made it to the end of the week with about 50% remaining.

The only real annoyance was being brainwashed by daytime TV being unloaded at Tesco, rather than popping the headset on and playing GTA or Speedball 2 as normal.

Mornington Crescent


Can we have a ruling on that, please?

Are we playing Central Standard rules, or the Tudor Court rules, please?

BOFH: The Mandelboat virus

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Friday's complete now.

I was grinning at "Oopsy", giggling at "Chutney" and "Ferret" was up to laughter... I've long since learned not to read Bastard with food / drink nearby.

One of the best for a while, I feel

Easy iPhone 3G unlocking for $30?


@ Webster Phreaky

The difference is though, that most other phones are significantly easier to unlock than the apple.

This as well as being available on multiple networks.

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